Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing Urban Hounds

I'm a thirty something (early thirties!) dog loving urbanite (though I'd rather be in the country) with an overwhelming passion for anything canine related.  I share my city  home with it's small fenced yard with my five dogs, 3 cats, and one wonderful husband.  When people here about this menagerie there most common reaction is-Yikes farm!  I find it quite peaceful, the best family you could have.   Of course dogs aren't  my whole life, Im a teacher, a bibliophile, oenophile (got to get those big words in so I sound smart!), a foodie, a sci-fi fantasy nut, and  DVD addict, but as the photographer Roger Caras said: "dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."  That's certainly the case with me, and since I've always liked writing and since everyone has a blog, including a few of my friends  I decided to jump on the band wagon and start a blog dedicated to my wonderful companions.   I don't expect many followers, spending all my time with my dogs has made me a bit short on companions of the human variety, but I'd like to be a voice for some of those urban hounds out there-after all the life of a city dog can be just as rich and rewarding as the life of a country dog.  Plus I'm one of those vacation loving teachers (just kidding!, I work very hard and I love  my students) and have a fair amount of free time on my hands.

So without further ado-The cast of characters

Tubby-Age almost 10-Birthday 3/29/01  male pug

Turn Ons: Food in all its varieties (i.e. the banquet that is life), leashes, walkies, the car, licking his siblings ears, the couch, kicking up dirt and rocks after he pees

Turn Offs: dogs he passes on walks (even though he likes other dogs), empty food bowl. the rain

Norbert (and also my husband John) lab mix (dog not husband though husband works in a lab) age  guestimated birtday July 7 2002.

Turn Ons: Red Bad Cuz toy, sleeping in on weekends, the car, walks, bagels

Turn Offs: Dog walking past his yard, tall men in hats, dogs larger then him

Ping-female pug-age 7-guestimated birthday May 15 2003

Turn Ons: Food in all its varieties (i.e. the many splendid banquet that is life), snuggling with her humans, her brother Tubby's arm pit (she loves to lick it-don't ask why!), running on grass

Turn Offs-Rain and snow!

Bob-bulldog  age 3 Birthday April 16, 2007

Turn Ons: Anything in his food bowl, walks, snow, all manner of balls(particularly soccer balls), butt scratchies, his best friend Norbert, the clicker because the clicker means trick training and that means treats!

Turn Offs-Dog parks (he is not a fan), my husband's bicycle, buses passing him on the street,cold hot dogs (only grilled  for him thank you very much!)

Dr. Zira-brussels griffon age 12-birthday 12/5/1998 Gotcha Day(adoption) July 12, 2008

Turn Ons: Soft dog beds, the heating vent, kibble and treats, rolling in dirt and leaves, fluffy white dogs, her late brother Bingo
Turn Offs-the groomer, waiting for her breakfast (she is an early riser), rain and snow

Bingo-In Memory-pug circa 1996-November 30, 2010 Gotcha Date: May 19, 2008
Bingo was fostered by us and then adopted by us from Adopt a Buddy pug rescue, his owners abandoned him at a high kill shelter at the age of 12 or 13 he had cancer, was incontinent, and was partially paralyzed but he was a wonderful LOVE PUG
Turn Ons: Food in all its form (he was a classic food hound pug), beds, his stroller, people (he loved everyone),his sister Zira

Turn Offs-The animal shelter, cancer of the spleen and liver

Supporting Characters-The Urban Felines

Baby-Age 11-Birthday 11/01/00

Turn Ons: Wet cat food, blankets, warm surfaces

Turn Offs: Dr. Zira, the vet, the carrier

Scooter Age 9 Birthday- October 2001

Turn Ons: Pounce Treats, feather toys, Norbert, Tubby
Turn Offs-Dr. Zira (he is a pretty mellow cat overall)

Ernie age 6 05/2004 

Turn Ons-Food, hiding in boxes, catnip

Turn Offs-the vet, animal shelters, medicine, ring worm, waiting for breakfast

So thats all of us!  One big happy family-oh and here is a picture of mom too!



  1. What a wonderful cast of characters!

    I found you on today's Saturday blog hop and stopped by to say hi and thought I'd go back to this early posting to find out some more about you.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  2. What a sweet family of sweet fur babes you have...wonderful family. We hopped over from PBU. We enjoyed reading your posts. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Aww what an adorable family! Sounds like a houseful of crazy, fuzzy, love. :]

  4. I loved coming back here and reading your first post!