Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pug Pignic

On Saturday the Urban  Hound puggies got to attend the Delaware Valley Pug Club picnic at Challenge Grove Park in Cherry Hill NJ. It was a long drive, an hour and a half, but we rarely use our car and the hounds love rides.  We made sure to take the non-pugs, for a good long walk in Liberty state park, and then Tubby and Ping got buckled into their safety harnesses for the drive.  The picnic wasn't very crowded but there were nice people there and cute pugs, of course.  We met a little rescue girl pug for adoption, only a year old, and a few very cute show pugs.   There was also a Chinese auction to benefit pug rescue but we had to leave before the items were raffled off.   The best park according to Tubs and Ping were the hot dogs!

More Hot Dogs Please

Walking in Challenge Grove Park

Ping and Dad

Tubby and Mom

On the way home we had to stop at Canis Minor, the local doggie boutique, to get some treats for Dr. Zira and some toys for Norbert  and Bob since they didn't get to go on the picnic and thus needed extra spoiling.  Tubby waited in the car with Dad while mom and Ping went inside to shop.

Get something for me!
When we got home everyone enjoyed the treats.  Norbert loved his new Bad Cuz toy, they are his favorite toy, here he is with an older one:

Bob was having a great time too, playing with his Planet Dog ball, but now we can't seem to find it!  Guess we will be buying another one next week.  We hope everyone else had a great weekend too.


  1. Tubs has a long tongue or is it just that those hotdogs taste so good!

    Hugs S&P

  2. Looks like the pugs had lots of fun. We were going to take the dogs out to a rescue event, but I got sick and ended that adventure.

  3. My pugs would love to go to a pug picnic ... every time we grill anything they always get some. They are loving the turkey dogs we bought for them, but chicken is always good, too!

  4. oh how fun!
    what a fabulous day of pugnicing and shopping!
    i cannot think of anything more fun and you all look so cute doing it!
    a & m