Thursday, June 30, 2011

Urban Turtles-Migrating at JFK

Clearly we are not turtles---Even though Tubby dressed as Godzilla last year for Halloween

and Godzilla is some kind of green lizard thing and thus Tubby thinks maybe a little bit like a turtle.

Also when mom was a kid and wasn't allowed to have dogs, the traumatic horror of her childhood, she had a long succession of turtles for pets.  Most given the staggeringly creative name of.....Shelly.   Since that time mom has been very fond of turtles and happy to stop and look at any turtle she chances by, she loved seeing turtles on logs when we used to walk in central park, even though we never got why it was a big deal.  An animal that just sits there lying on a log when it could be smelling things or looking for snacks, what gives?

So when we heard the news about urban turtles delaying flights at JFK airport, we had to pay attention.  We particularly love that the Post calls the turtles sex crazed, they have to find the sex angle for any story.  This from the paper classy enough to be famous for this headline, we warn you look at your own risk!

Anyway, the turtles are walking across the airport because they are looking for higher ground to lay their eggs.   It happens every year apparently.  Flights where delayed two hours before the turtles where all rounded up.  At leat none of them where hurt, turtles live a long time so maybe one of the Shellys was among them.  Here is a video of the turtles doing there thing from ABC news:


  1. Your Mom had an interesting childhood pet. Mommy's brothers had an interest in turtles, but her Mom had moved on to dogs and fish by the time our Mom remembers family pets.

  2. Senior Mutant Ninja Pugturtles? Purtles?

    Wonder if they can put turtle wrangler on their resumes?

    Have a happy Fourth weekend!