Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meet The Breeds-2012

Every year John, the hound's dad, and I attend the Meet The Breeds event at the Jacob Javitts center in Manhattan and it might be my favorite day of the year.   Being surrounded by my favorite creatures, dogs and cats, is wonderful and being able to go up and meet and pet all of the breeds in person (not something you can always do at a standard dog show) makes it even better. There are tons of vendors, agility demonstrations, and the only cat fashion show I have ever seen, but the best thing about meet the breeds is the education it provides for potential pet owners.  I also love that it celebrates reputable breeders who breed for love of their breed.  

With so many mills and back yard breeders about and so much media coverage on the problems experienced by poorly bred dogs  many people erroneously believe that all breeders are disreputable.  This is simply not true, so many people really breed for the love of dogs and cats and invest countless hours and thousands of dollars in the care of their animals.  The breeders and breed representatives I have spoken with at Meet The Breeds are nearly all involved in rescue and are willing to do almost anything to help a dog or cat in need.   Good breeders are a wonderful source for owners and I have gotten great advice on my dog's health from reputable breeders over the years.  I  have had breeders suggest reason's for potential ailments that never occurred to my vet, yet when my vet looked into the ailment, the breeders where correct.  The years of experience they have with their chosen breeds makes their knowledge of indispensable value.   With Bob and Weasley I know I can call their breeder's any time I need advice on a health or temperament issue.   If everyone got their pet's from breeders like those who attend Meet The Breeds then pet and owner matches would be better for all concerned and very few dogs would wind up in shelters.

Here are some pictures from this year's event (warning prepare for photo overload and it was difficult to get good shots with the crowds).

The tables all had great breed information like this time line display at the Boston Terrier table.  I loved reading all of the information since this is a breed I want to own someday.
These cute Bassets made us think of Fred and Gloria from Basset Momma.

We met this sweet little smooth Brussels Griffon girl at last year's event she made us think fondly of our late Dr. Zira

The English Toy Spaniels are some of my favorites and not regularly seen.  I think they may be one of the most ideal, and overlooked, apartment dogs.

I had to visit the pug table of course.  I signed up to be on the Pug Club's mailing list.
This beautiful Irish Wolf Hound was so friendly.  The breed representative had 14!  Wolf Hounds.
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I've always loved English Mastiff's and this big guy was too adorable. I  had such fun petting him and getting him kisses, I had to have my picture taken with him.  If only John, would let me have a dog this big.
The Clumber Spaniel  is another one of my favorites and not very common.  I have only seen them in the fur at meet the Breeds.  They are so sweet and can definitely see myself owning one some day.  Its like a spaniel that thinks its a Mastiff!

This English Setter was sound asleep even with the noisy crowds.


I saw a lot of great tapestries, like this one at the Bull Mastiff table.   I would love to have a pug or bulldog one of these for our house.

How regal does this guy look?

The cat section was really great too.  I particularly liked the Bombay as I love black cats.   These guys are called parlor panthers and they are so sweet and affectionate.

This little guy was very popular.  He was an eight month old Toyger, a cat with tiger like markings.  My favorite cat was the black exotic short hair who I coudn't get a good picture of.  The breeder was very kind and gave me a catnip pouch for our kitties at home.

My favorite display of all belonged to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel group.  I love how sweet and affectionate these guys are and there were three beautiful dogs there and they had them on a display that looked like a bed to highlight the breed's cuddly lap dog temperament.

We had such a terrific time.  I can't wait to attend next year and if you can get to the New York area I strongly recommend that all dog and cat lovers check  out this great yearly event.


  1. There is a look a like little Sneaky, and a look a like, just like my mum and a look a like AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM... Ah, THANK YOU Lovely photo's. Lifted my day :-) x x x
    Luvs as always FREYA ROSE BLOSSOM X

  2. The story of breeders suggesting reason for ailment that vet didn't think of is impressive! The event sounds a great opportunity to meet many breeds and good breeders. I love the tapestries, they are gorgeous!

  3. Wow that's really cool! I had no idea about this event! Great pictures too!

  4. Hey Urban Hounds, Jet here. Hi Miss Kate.

    Ok, Mom's drooling... I mean, so excited you shared this event. Mom enjoys learning about the breeds too. That's her favorite part of the dog shows; when the announcer tells you about the breed!

    Oh my, maybe maybe, if she saves up enough biscuit money, she can attend next year!!!

    Thank you for recapping the event so thoroughly. Uh... Miss Kate? We noticed you didn't take a photo of my heritages... can you work on that next time??? please???

  5. What, no Doxies ;)? I love Mastiffs, I used to breed them. We're having a meet the breeds thing here (much, much smaller of course) in November
    Nola's Mom

  6. No wonder this is one of your favorite events. It looks wonderful. So glad you got to go and thank you for sharing it with us. Fascinating.

  7. I sure wish we had something like this around here. I would love to go. I have a friend who has Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish deerhounds. They are so huge but so sweet.

    Linda & the PugRanch Kids

  8. What a fun thing to do. I keep saying I am going to go to Crufts, I would love to go one year. It must have been great to see all the different breeds of dogs and cats!
    Lynne x

  9. Looks like a really great event. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Good post, you're so right about how important breeders are to the health of our beloved breeds and although I'm not exactly sure how I feel about breeding when there are so many beautiful dogs in rescue already, I do love schnauzers and know how important good breeders are in this breed, especially having little Susie-Belle in our lives from her terrible background. It's not an easy subject and I love how you've made me think how important breeders are in terms of understanding their health more sometimes than a vet may do.

    We have a clumber spaniel we meet here sometimes, gorgeous chap, very lively and friendly, my girls seem to find him funny!

  11. We sure would have loved that event
    Benny & Lily

  12. Aw, was just in NYC last weekend. Would love to have gone to this!

  13. This is definitely on my schedule for next year - what fun!

    We gave you an award - stop by to pick it up!

  14. What a great event Meet The Breeds is! I would love to spend a day at an event like that. Those Bassets are pretty cute, thanks for the mention. I love that picture of you with the English Mastiff. He looks like such a sweetheart! There are definitely tons of good breeders out there who are just a fountain of knowledge for their breed. I know I can ask our breeder anything. she is also a vet tech which really helps. :)