Monday, December 2, 2013

A Bit Blah on The Blogging Front

I know I blog quite alot so this may be a bit of a surprise but Im feeling rather, blah about it lately, or at least about this blog.   I adore the creative outlet of blogging which really helps me unwind from my sometimes stressful day job and it lets me feel that I have at least glimpsed my child hood ambition to be a writer, even though blogging has confirmed for me that I have neither the talent nor the ambition to be a real writer.  I am also beyond thrilled with the friends I have made through blogging.  In real life I am actually very shy and have quite a small social circle, my husband, my dogs, and a few close friends.  Perhaps due to growing up as an only child Ive always been more comfortable alone then in social situations, bug blogging lets me socialize in a way that makes me feel comfortable.   I don't see it as a retreat from the world but as an embrace of it.

In May I started a second blog originally called, The Old Fashioned Way, 
and I know some of you have checked it out.    I was starting to feel a bit uninspired and thought I might want to try writing about a few more of my interests, specifically my love of vintage and old things.  While this second blog doesn't have too many followers I really enjoy writing it.   I like that its a bit more of a mixed bag with what I can write about.  

I'm currently considering combining the two blogs, as two blogs is a bit much.  I have not decided for sure but I have renamed the The Old Fashioned Way-Retro Rover and am thinking of making that my only blog and having it focus on both dogs and vintage and anything else that strikes my fancy.  It would still most likely be largely about dogs, because dogs are and always will be my first love.  Hopefully a few of my followers here will follow me over to Retro Rover if I do decide to make that my only blog.  I've been doing this blog for three years a good beginning run in blogging to decided what I want for the future, as I definitely don't intend to stop blogging. My question for bloggers who have been around even longer, or less long but mad changes, how has your blog changed over the years?  If you do want to check of my second, and possibly future only blog, here is the link again: link.