Monday, April 18, 2011

Doggie Dining-Shake Shack

Ping at Shake Shack

I am the Queen of Staycations because I wont go anywhere without my fur kids.   So for the week and a half I have off I will be hanging out in the city with my hounds.   One of the nice things about spring and summer in the city for dog lovers is all of the dog friendly outdoor restaurants.   Today, I took Ping to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.   Ping traveled on the Path Train in her Pet Trex Doggie Stroller.  Its a nice way to take a larger small dog like  a pug around and pretty comfortable for her.   Shake Shack always has a huge line but it wasn't to bad on a Monday afternoon.   Ping had a great time enjoying her Shake Shack Pooch-ini treat

She also had a good time hanging out with my friend Pat.

Pat took this picture of me and Ping

Shake Shack is a terrific place to take dogs if you can stand the long lines because its very dog friendly and the food is delicious and for the city very inexpensive.  

We are also very excited today because are friends Archie and Melissa at Life is Art..Art is Life featured the littler urban hounds (Tubby, Ping, and Dr. Zira) in their Pug Note sweaters on their blog today.  Melissa makes the best small dog sweaters and sells them in her Etsy shop Pug Notes.

Today we also got accepted into the Pets Blogroll a great place to find some wonderful pet blogs.  We hope all of our friends are enjoying as wonderful a week as we are!


  1. It looks like Ping had a wonderful time at the Shake Shack - Peyton is jealous! He loves trips to Dairy Queen!

  2. hi kate and doggies!
    oh your sweet post made me smile from ear to ear!
    i love seeing you and ping enjoy your day together with your friends!
    you all made my day and archie and i are so glad you love your sweaters!
    thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us!
    a & m

  3. Hello we are Sequoia and Tuni two puggies. We saw you on Melissa and Archie's blog today. Oh our Mom is totally in love with Ping! What a cutie pie.


  4. Hi Kate and crew,
    My name is Wilma. I have a blog that I sometimes share with my Sister Brigitte and brother Sluggo. We came over from Melissa and Archies. Welcome to blogland. Don't you just love your sweaters? We all have one too. What a big family full of incredibly cute dogs (and people).
    we live in CT, no too too far from you. I sometimes visit my auntie in NYC, and have been to Central Park too. You guys are lucky to live in such a great city!

  5. Hi Tubby3pug
    I also saw you on Archie and Melissa's blog. I really like the pics of you in your sweaters.
    Love Noodles