Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Today, April 14, is Poem in Your Pocket Day (as a teacher I know about these things).  I thought it would be a good day to share a recommendation for a wonderful little book of poetry I have been reading Doggerel from Every Man's Library Pocket Poets

Doggerel is defined at the free dictionary as "comic verse,usually irregular in measure."   The poems in the book are not all funny,  the last section is called Remembrance and has many sad poems on the loss of beloved dogs. However most are cute funny little verses.

One poem I found particularly appropriate for my own pocket this year, given my breed predilection, is "O Pug" by Stevie Smith.  It does poke gentle fun at my favorite breed but its very cute.  Here it is:

O Pug, some people do not like you,
But I like you,
Some people say you do not breathe, you snore,
I don't mind,
One person says he is always conscious of your behind, Is that your fault?
Your own people love you,
All the people in the family that owns you
Love you: Good pug, they cry, Happy pug,
You are an old dog now
And in all your life 
You have never had cause for a moments anxiety 

In those great eyes of yours,
Those liquid and protuberant orbs,
Lies the shadow of immense insecurity. There
Panic walks.
Yes, yes, I know
When your mistress is with you,
When your master
Takes you upon his lap,
Just then, for a moment,
Almost you are not frightened.
But at heart you are frightened, you always have been.
O Pug, obstinate old nervous breakdown,
In the midst of so much love,
And such comfort,
Still to feel unsafe and be afraid,
How one's heart goes out to you!
- Stevie Smith

Here are some pictures of my own O, Pugs!  (Tubby and Ping) looking just a bit perturbed as they often do: