Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dining with DogsTake 5-Norbert's 9th Birthday Visit to the Bagel Smashery in Hoboken

Question: Whats better then a bagel?

Answer:  A smashed Bagel!

Everyone knows that New Yorkers, and those in the vicinity of New  York, love their bagels and Norbert is no different.  That is one reason why we decided that as part of his 9th birthday treat he deserved a solo trip to the Bagel Smashery in nearby Hoboken.   

The smashery takes bagels, and you guessed it, smashes them making them all the more warm and delicious.  They have lots of special treats like the  peanut butter and chocolate pictured at the start of this post and meatball Parmesan, but they also have more classic choices like plan old cream cheese and egg and cheese.   Norbert got cheddar cheese smashed up on a plain bagel, his dad got egg and bacon, and I got strawberry and cream cheese on a poppy seed bagel.  Norbert loved his bagel (and he is a very pick eater):

He washed it down with some water (never forget water on a warm summer morning), you can see the outdoor table at Bagel Smashery is the perfect height for Norbert

After his bagel treat we went for a walk along the Hoboken water front.  We saw lots of happy urban hounds (pugs, pit bulls, labs, english bulldogs, brussels griffons, chihuahuas, yorkies, daschunds, etc.).  The view of the skyline was pretty nice too:

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