Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nine Naturally Wonderfull Things About Norbert--A Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop Post

I like a bit of mongrel myself, whether it's a man or a dog; they're the best for everyday.  ~George Bernard Shaw

Today is Norbert's guestimated ninth birthday (we know he was born in July of 2002, but not the exact day).  So in honor of his ninth birthday, and just like I did for  his brother Tubby's 10th birthday,
I am making a list of wonderful things about Norbert.  (Of course its very hard to keep the list to just 9.)

1) He is 100% unique. All dogs are unique and anyone who reads this blog knows I don't have anything against pure-breeds, I love them and I share my life with four of them and I am sure I will share my life with many more.   Still there is something wonderful about the complete uniqueness of a Heinz 57 mutt.    I don't know whats in Norbert's mix, and I don't care, I like mystery of it,  All I need to know is he is one fantastic dog.

2).He is Loyal.   Tubby would go off with anyone who had a Snausage handy, though he might regret it later.  Norbert though, is very loyal to his mom and dad.  He always sticks right to her side and never likes to leave our company, even for a treat.

 3) He's grown into his adorable big puppy feet:  Norbert was the cutest puppy ever with the most adorable snow shoe sized feet that he tripped right over when we went to pick him up at the Staten Island CACC.

He has grown into his feet very nicely. 
 4) He Loves to Nap: Norbert lives to sleep in or take an afternoon siesta.
 He has to be coaxed out of bed some morning with the rattle of his leash, and sometimes even after hearing that he would rather stay in bed.   Anytime, anyone wants to take a nap Norbert is more then eager to cuddle up.

 5) He is a good brother:   Norbert loves his siblings.   He doesn't always love dogs he meets on the street, but once  a dog joins the family, they  have a life long friend in Norbert.   He loves to cuddle up with the pugs and to play with Bob.   When Bingo was nearing the end of his life Norbert spent hours grooming him.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of him, taken by Champion Pet Photos, with his baby brother Bob.
6) He loves cats:   I already said Norbert was a good brother, and he is, to our cats as well as our dogs.   The cats love cuddling up on him and 7 years ago when we brought home our cat Ernie, who had just had surgery to amputate a broken limb, Norbert kept a close on him during his recovery.

 7) He Loves to Play and  is Careful not to loose his Toys: Norbert's prized possession is his red cuz--

 Actually we have several red cuzzes, but Norbert knows which one is his favorite, he loves to chase it, chew on it, carry it around, and he never looses it.

8) He is Protective:  Norbert is a friendly dog.   He doesn't instantly love everyone though, he waits for his mom and dad's ok first.  He has a nice loud bark that lets us know when everyone anyone is around, but he never barks for no reason.   We all feel safe with Norbert around.

9) He Loves to Travel: The happiest day of Norbert's life was when we got our car.   When we lived in Manhattan he only got to ride in cars when we visited his grandparents, but that didn't stop him from trying to drag us into a few taxis!   Now that Norbert has his own wheels he loves nothing more then to jump in the car and go on an adventure with his family.

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And remember to check back here next week for Norbert's birthday party recipes.


  1. Norbert sounds like a giant pug. Will go anywhere for a snausage. Loves to nap. Hmm.
    Happy birthday month, Norbert!

  2. Beautiful dogs! I am a new follower. Great blog. Blessings...
    Saved By Love Creations

  3. Happy Birthday Norbert! Always nice to learn more about you! I think it's great that you will always protect your Mom and Dad. :)

  4. Happy 9th Birthday, Norbert! I hope you were spoiled rotten! Hugs, Ellen

  5. Happy birthday Norbert! You sound like one great dude.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. what a great post!
    norbert, you are a special dog!
    what a great family you all are!