Saturday, September 29, 2012

Manhattan Fun-Weasley Visits Mile End and First Run

Over our staycation in August we decided to take Weasley to First Run, AKA The Tompkins Square Park Dog Run, this was the first dog run established in the city and last time Weasley visited (link here) he was too young to go in.  Since we all love food before we decided to visit a sandwich shop, Mile End, that has gotten some good reviews (they have out posts in Brooklyn and Manhattan).  

Weasley did a great job waiting patiently with mom while his dad got our foodables.  We tried Poutine, a Montreal specialty apparently, that consists of fries, cheese curds, and gravy and at Mile End some really amazing smoked meat.  OMP (oh my pug) was it ever good.   We at it at the park and shared a bit with Weasley.

He would have liked more but we felt it was a bit rich for a pug (or as Weasley suspects we just didn't want to share).

After our lunch we took Weasley into the small dog run which sadly was pretty empty and most of the dogs were not interested in playing with a young whippersnapper.  Then, horrors, we saw a rat in the dog run.  Eeeeek!!!!  So we left pronto.   We did get this picture of Weasley getting a hug from his Dad.

After the dog run rat debacle we decided to go for a walk.  We passed this cool coffee shop with a canine friendly sign and decided to get some iced coffees there.

We decided Weasley deserved a treat too and luckily we passed a pet store with a dog friendly treat dispenser outside.

For 25 cents we got Weasley two liver biscotti.  He so wants one of these in the living room, then he says we can make some real use of our change jar.


  1. Nice adventure and we sure would love to have chased the rat. Cool treats. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMP! LOL. That's a new one. I love that they had a treat dispenser.

    By the way, I dropped by to inform you that you won some blogging awards from us. Please drop by for the details.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. How exciting! Have you been to the park in Washington Square yet? Does it have a little dog section, too? We can't believe we are going to drive into Manhattan with three dogs. We must be nuts!

  4. Hey, Hey Urban Hounds!!! Humphrey and Brando are lovin' the treat machine! Oh how we've missed you guys!! Guess what? We're back!! Hope you'll stop by and say hi :)

  5. How fun! Finn is drooling over the liver biscotti dispenser! An excellent idea!!

  6. I'm sorry the dog run was not really fun...and rat! Ew! But other than that, sounds like a great day! Oh the picture of Weasley getting hug from his sweet :-)

  7. Oh Weasley
    So sorry there was no one to play with- but your daddys hug looked so sweeet! Your just adorables.

  8. That place looks worth a visit
    Benny & Lily

  9. This looks awesome!
    Such an adventure.

  10. Hey Urban Hounds, Jet here. Hi Miss Kate.

    What a pawesome day! Uh, Miss Kate? Can you send one of those machine thingies to my house, when you cave and get one for Weasely? If not, a simple Fed Ex of Poutine would suffice! :) Sending Jetty kisses of appreciation (and for motivational purposes) in advance. xoxoxox

  11. hey Weasley,

    A doggy treat dispenser?! Oh My Dawg! I MUST have one in my doghouse! Of course, I would alter it to accept sticks, or kitty-cats, instead of coins. BOL!

    A rat at a dog park? Bizarre. That must have been a very brave rat. Glad you got out of there o.k. Your daddy hugging you is an adorable photo! I bet that made you feel so good! :->

    Looks like you had a pawsome adventure in the city!

    *drool...smoked meat poutine....


  12. what a cool day you had! that food looked so yummy and that dog treat dispenser is so pawesome!!

    yuki and rocket

  13. Wow, you have so many cool places to visit, except for the dog/rat park, Ewww is right! And guess what?? Mom finally let us start a blog. We made our very first post tonight. Stop by and say HI!!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta (hi Weasley, sigh)

  14. I don't think there is a pug or dog on the planet that is not going to be dreaming about that treat machine! You guys go on the best city adventures!

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