Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day
If you are reading this blog you could probably wear one of these shirts from Cafe Press or if you are feeling a bit irreverent and don't have any human children, these ones:

I do think the observation that anyone who dotes on their dog or cat wants a baby is wrong, that is one reason that I love this essay by Ann Patchett.  Pet parenthood is obviously an idea that is catching on,  Seattle and San Francisco are two large cities that have more dogs then kids under the age of eighteen.  For the record, even though I don't plan on having children I do not think dogs or cats are better then kids or  vice-versa, they are just completely different.   I do think that all dog and cat moms, whether they have human children or not,  should spend some extra time with their fur babies on Mother's Day.   Maybe a nice long walk or brunch at an outdoor cafe.

 Here are some pictures of us enjoying mother's day:
Bob in his  Mommy's Boy Shirt

It is harder to see then Bob's Shirt, but Tubby's shirt says I heart Mom

Bob and Mom

Norbert and Mom

    Tubby and Zira outside Tommy Two Scoops where we had Mother's Day Lunch
Dad give me some food!

Ping among the Spring blossoms
                                          We hope everyone else had a wonderful day too!

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