Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beauty Apointment

This week when I looked at Dr. Zira all I could think of was this poem by Herbert Asquith 

The Hairy Dog
My dog's so furry I've not seen
His face for years and years;
His eyes are buried out of sight,
I only guess his ears.
When people ask me for his breed,
I do not know or care;
He has the beauty of them all
Hidden beneath his hair.
Ok, so maybe it wasn't that bad, but I still thought she needed a grooming.  Zira HATES the groomer but there is no other option, she is far to squirmy to be groomed at home by her father and I (remember 9 years of neglect before we got her), so we bring her to a very nice upscale groomer at Canis Minor in the posh Pavonia Newport section of Jersey City (only the best for the urban hounds).  They a do nice job but they are not cheap, suffice it to say that Dr. Z's hair cuts cost far more then mine do, and I can be a little vain about my hair.
While we waited for Zira to finish with her beauty treatment we went out for brunch at the delicious restaurant Soul Flavors. I love going to outdoor cafes with the dogs, one of the nice things about city living is that in the warmer weather EVERY restaurant has dog friendly outdoor dining space.   We always think its better to take just one dog when eating at a cafe, so much easier to manage any mischievousness .  Norbert is a bit big for Soul Flavors tiny out door dining space, Bob is resting a sore leg, and Ping got to go out to brunch last time we went, so the honor fell to Tubby.  He really seemed to enjoy the few tastes of fried chicken and waffles I gave him (and the peach cobbler.)   Not exactly health food, but who could resist this face?

When we picked Zira up after her grooming appointment she looked pretty good too.  (Of course she drools a bit because her mouth does not close properly, so her beard started to get snaggly right away).  She smells pretty good though.

We had to stop by the store on the way home and Dr. Z and Tubby looked very cute waiting with me in the car for their dad.  (Don't worry it wasn't hot in the car at all, only about 65 degrees).

Where is he!  Do you see him?

Who do you think has the longer tongue?

Step on it Tubs!  Lets get out of here.
They were so happy to see their Dad when he came out of the store you would have thought he had been gone  a month.  Truly, you don't know what it is to be missed until you own a dog.


  1. Oh my gosh they both look so adorable with their tongues out! haha! I don't know of too many dogs who like the groomer, but I think Zira looks great!

  2. The tongues are way too funny! Zira's is by far the best I have seen in awhile!

  3. Bailey hates the groomer, but Katy came back with a princess complex. I am not sure what the groomer did, but she loved it.

  4. My dog, a Shih Tzu, had his haircut yesterday and because of skin problems due to the hot weather these past few days, I decided to shave his fur. Now he looks like a Chihuahua! Haha!

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  5. My that would have been an entry for Tongue Tuesday. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I love her hairstyle and pink little tongue.

    I have no doubt she lived a wonderful joyful life with you