Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pie, a Pug, and a Bike-Trip to Four and Twenty Black Birds

  Anyone, who reads this blog knows I can be very devoted to particular television shows, and movies, and books.   According to my wikipedia research the anniversary of the premier of one of my favorite shows is tomorrow, April 8.  The show which I was too young to watch the first time around and have only recently discovered on instant download from Netflix is one people either love or hate, Twin Peaks

  I admit it got a little out of control confusing in the last season but I love everything about it: the mystery, the pacific northwest scenery, the quirky characters (particularly the log lady),

 the scary parts, the humor, oh and the characters devotion to pie and coffee.  

 Twin Peaks has got to be the most creative, unique, and just plain weird thing that has ever been on network television and those are qualities that are sadly missing in the current sea of reality programming and cookie cutter comedies.  

I even bought the pugs these shirts on Cafe Press (they were super cheap, so its justifiable) to commemorate my love of the show.

In case you can't read them Tubby's says:Twin Peaks Sheriffs Department and Ping's says: Greetings From Twin Peaks.

After a recent Twin Peaks view-a-thon I was craving some pie.  So John and I decided to bike to Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn.  Of course we brought Ping along in her Cynthia's Twigs basket, proudly wearing her Twin Peak's shirt. 

We had to bike over the Brooklyn Bridge 

and Ping was as content and comfortable as can be attracting many ooohs and ahhhs from tourists impressed with her cuteness.

It took us about an hour to get form our house to Four and Twenty Black Birds

Ping waited patiently on the stores bench 

while her Dad went inside to get us pie.   We were pretty near Park Slope, and perhaps Ping was hoping to get a glimpse of her blog buddy Sid from Pug Slope.

"Could that be Sid?"
When Dad finally came out with the pie it did not dissapoint.

Pie and Coffee What Cold Be Better?

We had pear crumble and it was delicious, and yes we even gave a little bit of the crust to Ping after all she had burned all those calories biking!


  1. Awesome bike trip for pie!! We used to watch Twin Peaks. Your right it was kind of a weird intriguing show. Your pie looked yummy! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Twin Peaks...I'm aging myself... because when it was first on TV I would stay up to watch every episode, every week...alone. Talk about spooky late nights. Haha...the Log Lady!

    My girls all love that show (they were way to young when it was on TV) and have watched the TV shows via Netflix and the movie that was made later. Wasn't the music and visuals creepy great!!!???!!!

    Great name for a pie shop and the exercise to get there and have a coffee and pie...super duper smart. That bike basket is just as cute as can be!

  3. I love the name of the shop too and I agree the music and visuals on twins peaks where the best

    urban hounds

  4. Oh I could have met you on the NYC side of the bridge! That looks like some delicious eats and what a cool outing! And some cool t-shirts as well!

  5. I've never seen Twin Peaks but heard it was a very interesting show. The t-shirts are very good on your babies :-) Four and Twenty Black Birds looks like a nice place. Now I have cravings for some pies...

  6. I wonder if Mom will get me a bike w/basket? Sounds easier than walking the entire way everywhere we go.

    Mmmm, that pie looks sooooo yummy.


  7. How cool is that!! Even tee shirts! BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. Happy Spring! That pie looks delicious. We never watched Twin Peaks, but knew it had serious followers. Shirts are amazing!

    I have searched my email and junk folder but do not see an email from you... let me know what day, and to whom it was from and I'll keep searching. Here's my email again: kathy(dot)cooper @ gmail (dot) com.

    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  9. Ping, you gotta let me know the next time you're in Brooklyn! I'd love to meet up with you. My mom is also a Twin Peaks nut, so I'm sure our moms would get along just peachy - like peach pie. Hee hee.

    Timothy Buttons' pugrents went to a Twin Peaks themed burlesque show last year and I guess there was a dancer dressed up as the log lady. They said it was their favorite part.


  10. We did not watch Twin Peaks but will definitely check it out on Netflix. MMMM - the pie w/coffee looks scrumptious!

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily