Saturday, September 28, 2013

Traveling With Pets

If you ask me a meal out shared with your pet is all the more enjoyable, so the same should go for travel.

I'm a firm believer that all the best experiences in life are made better by sharing them with your pets.   I feel the same way about vacations and travel, if it can't involve my pets then I am not interested.  Thankfully, as dogs and cats positions as family members becomes more established in our society traveling with pets is getting easier.  That is why I am so happy to be able to share this article from Priority One Jets on staying safe while traveling with your pets.   It has great advice on airplane travel and international travel.

Baby Weasley traveled by air from Tonawanda, New York to our home in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was a very short flight and likely much more comfortable for him then a long care ride would have been.

I have never traveled internationally with my pets but I have had a puppy, Weasley, shipped by air with no problems.  I would certainly consider taking one or two of my smaller dogs along on a plane trip as long as they could fly in the cabin, which is generally possible with proper carriers on most air lines.

I have taken several local car trips with my dogs and I regularly travel with my small dogs on the New York Subway and New Jersey Path train system.   

From my experience with local pet travel I'd say there are a few absolutely essential rules to follow.

1) Vacinations/Medical Records-I tend to avoid vacinations with my adult dogs and prefer to rely on titer testing since I believe over vacinating is unhealthy.  However, many hotels and doggie day cares require proof of vacination, not just titers.  I would recommend calling all hotels, daycares, boarding facilities and any other place you will be visiting with your dog to find  out what proofs of  vacination they require and if they will accept titer testing.  I was able to have a letter from my vet and copies of my dogs titer test serve at one out of town day care my dog visited.

2) Proper Restraints-When traveling with dogs in a car, seatbelts are an essential.   I use smaller car restraints from pet smart for my pugs, but for my large dogs Bob and Norbert I found a more accurate fit was important.   I think the best seatbelts are from the Ruff Rider Roadies available online.  These seatbelts are every bit as high quality as those made for people and they offer complete restraint.

3) Proper Carriers-When traveling by Subway and path train with my pugs I generally use a doggie stroller.  When Weasley was a puppy I used a travel bag, however for all but very small dogs I find the stroller more comfortable for dog and human.  

 Its important to make sure that any stroller you use zips completely shut as that is a requirement on most public transit.   It is also a good idea to avoid rush hour and to check what the specific pet rules are in your area.

4) Identification-A double sit of identification tags on your dogs collar and leash are another must.  While traveling with your pet I would make sure they are wearing ID at all times.    

Current photos of your pet are another must.

5) Have a Back Up Plan-Every time I've traveled over night with my dogs we have stayed in the home of friends or family.   Luckily this has always worked out for us.  I do think it is important to realize though, that not everyone is going to be as dog crazy as you are.  Unless you know the people you are visiting are dog nuts have a back up plan for occupying your dog if you have to spend the day apart, maybe a day spent at a local doggie day care or grooming spa.  Also its a good idea to know of a few pet friendly hotels in the area in case their is a problem with resident pets or another issue that requires you to stay in a hotel.   

I'm hoping that as the years pass and hopefully my bank account grows I will be able to spend more time traveling with my pets.


  1. We've never travelled as such....just get in the car to go to somewhere specific and not far away. Maybe one day we'll get to a real beach.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We use to take Pip everywhere with us even to France but she is too ancient to travel now so we don't go anywhere...big sigh. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Very good post with lots of helpful info. We love to travel and recently learned we are not limited to Motel 6 because Red Roof Inn is also pet friendly. We have had nice stays at both.

  4. Great tips! I would love to take Sookie on trips with us...hopefully we will one day. The cats, forget it. However, we used to take our first cat Sadie to Wildwood, NJ with us every year- she was the only cat we had that didn't mind being in a car for a few hours.

  5. I like the idea of travelling with my pets but the reality is that whenever they have come with us they drive us mad! (I will pay for that, LOL).
    Lynne x

  6. I have only traveled with my dogs via car, but your travel tips are great! I should check out that seat belt site. Currently, they are using regular harnesses to be tethered into the car.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Great tips! Nola's traveled a lot by car, and in the next two years we'll be doing some flying, both domestic and international.

    Nola's Mom

  8. Great traveling tips! I love your stroller and your babies look quite comfortable :-)

  9. Great tips! I am slowly but surely falling in love with the idea of using a doggy stroller! It would be wonderful for all-day excursions!

  10. I was thinking of you when we were in Calgary, because the (wonderful!) hotel we were staying at was pet friendly and we saw several other guests throughout the course of our staying coming and going with their dogs. Annie is no where near grown up enough (nor has she stopped chewing everything she can get her cute little mouth on) to accompany us on such this kind of trip yet, but I truly hope she'll grow into a dog that's good with traveling (and not eating hotel rooms!), too. (If you're ever in Calgary, I can't recommend the Marriott Residence Inn highly enough.)

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Great tips. I wish we got to take Beamer on our road trip, but he's just too big. Baby Weasley is too darn cute.

  12. Some airlines won't allow pug-nosed dogs to fly because there's some concern it's unsafe for them.

    1. I agree I would never let any dog, especially a flat faced one travel in cargo, however if they can travel inthe temp controlled cabin its safe. Some airlines have special precautions they take Weasley flew on a temp controlled flight
      urban hounds

  13. I've never been on a holiday and Mom wouldn't go unless she could take me :) xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. Sometimes I feel I know all I want to about travelling with pets...
    Cheers, Gail (currently in Nottingham with Bertie - we tackle the 7 hour train ride back to Aberdeen tomorrow!)

  15. Chooey and I traveled from one island to another via plane. She had to be crated though.

    Its cool that your dogs get to travel via train in NY

  16. I wish I could bring Sid with me everywhere but unfortunately it's not always possible. Thank you for the traveling tips. I've taken Sid on planes, subways, buses, etc. The Sherpa travel bag has worked out well and for the most part he enjoys being in the bag (mostly because he gets tons of treats while he's in there!). The stroller would be nice for longer journeys though because the travel bag can get pretty heavy after a while. Thank you for signing the petition to allow pets in carriers on the Chicago Metra trains - that is the one last hurdle to allowing Sid to come with me more often (it's the train that I would take to go visit my family).

    -Brian & Sid

  17. Great post, and I couldn't agree more - it's so much better to have adventures with the dogs.

  18. Great tips and so important. I feel like you do, if my pets can't go I don't want to either. :-D When we vacationed this year I found that Delilah was very unsettled and I didn't think she'd do well to be left alone, so we didn't. I think you need to know your dog and what they are comfortable with.

  19. Great blog! It's always wonderful to "meet" others who view their pets as we do. :)

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