Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Howl-O-Ween-A Very Busy Halloween Weekend

Now here's the thing, our mom is pretty nuts about Halloween. I mean she owns a ton of horror movies, loves to eat candy and carve pumpkins, has a box full of vintage Halloween decorations, and she starts planning thr pugs Halloween costumes on November 1st.  So since last years celebration was washed out by Hurricane Sandy she was determined to make up for it this.   First she got up really super early and made apple cider donuts.  She was all proud of herself because she had never made donuts before.

 We put on our best begging faces and managed to get a taste.

 Now they were tasty, but we kind of agree with Dad when he questioned whether they were worth the effort since you can buy pretty good donuts at the shop.  Mom, however, is sold on them as a yearly treat.  After our donuts and our walk it was time for our yearly pumpkin of goodies.  Now we were pretty upset about this because Mom and Dad filled it with our bark box treats.  Which is totally unfair.  We get a Bark Box every month so it stands to reason that for Halloween we should get a Bark Box AND a treat filled pumpkin.  Mom is blaming this one on Dad who apparently said we did not need both.

Weasley saying "What the #?!# these are our Bark Box goodies!"

 There was still some cool stuff in the pumpkin so we guess in the end it was OK.  After the pumpkin it was time for the pugs to get ready for the Halloween parade.   Mom and dad used to bring all five doggies but it got to be too hard to control us in all the Halloween chaos so it now falls to the pugs to dress up and Norbert and Bob are lucky enough to get to stay home and then eat the treats we bring back.   For this Halloween the pugs wore the same costumes as last year, since they never really got to use them because of the hurricane.  They were the Three Pugateers:

The costumes are from Matti's Millinery and Costumes on Etsy  and they really are the  best costumes we have ever had.  She makes great stuff.  Mom is already drooling over the Renaissance Tudor pet costume  and she says she kind of wishes she was rich and had some Victorian event to go too because she would love to wear one of the Victorian people dresses too.  Anyway, our pet parade was at Canis Minor in Pavonia Newport in down town Jersey City. 
We arrived in style:

There were lots of doggies in costumes, but it didn't take us long to size up the competition and realize that really, no surprise, we were the cutest.

We participated in the parade but figured it was pretty much a moot point, since we were the clear winers.  Sadly it was so windy that tubby lost the feather in his cap.  However, that was made up for when we did indeed win, best group, and we got a twenty five dollar gift certificate to the store and we will be in the local paper.

 Clearly we are the cutest.

The best part was when we got home from the parade mom and dad gave us and Norbert and Bob lots of treats.  Maybe, they were feeling guilty because that night they ditched us!  They went out to the Halloween show at the Landmark Loews Theatre.  We wanted to go too but apparently no dogs allowed.    Its one of the last big movie palaces left in the whole country and since its a non-profit they occasionally show old movies there. We would love to see the inside because Mom and Dad both say its amazing.  They took some blurry pictures

 We hope mom didn't get any costume ideas for next year from the movie, it was  Bride of Frankenstein


  1. Gosh you three Muskateers look so splendid, it's a wonder any other pups bothered turning up for the parade...
    Toodle pip!

  2. Yummy homemade donuts. You all look so cute in your costumes. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Ya'll are so stinking cute I can hardly stand it!! No surprise that you won :-) And I'm hoping you'll be sharing that apple cider donut recipe!

  4. Congratulations, well done! You 3 pugs looked amazing! You totally deserved the prize! I like the Sherlock Holmes one too (I'm a sucker for all things Sherlock, ever since I first read ALL of the stories in an anthology). Maybe on Tasty Tuesday you can share the donut recipe. Don't worry because homemade ALWAYS is better than store bought. Fresher, better ingredients, and made with lots and lots of love. You cannot beat that at any price.

  5. We seen that picture on facebook but didn't know it was you guys...geeze mom!!! We loved your costumes and is so glad it is you wearing them, cos our crazy mom would do the very same thing. We just knew you would win!!
    Stella Rose

  6. Indeed! You guys are the cutest in the bunch. We couldn't recall three musketeers being this cute.

    Happy Halloween.

  7. Congrats on your win, totally deserved! And those donoughts look super tasty.

  8. Oh, my goodness! This post is jam-packed! So many wonderful pictures. So glad you guys won. I love the Three Pugateers! So glad the Landmark Loews Theatre was saved. I love old theatres. What a great weekend.

  9. So cool! Congrats to the Three Pugateers!!!

  10. Great post! The costumes were wonderful! And, wow, what a theatre!

  11. Start planning on November 1st! Wow your mom really really really loves Halloween :-)
    I love Pugateers costume. Congratulations on your win! You sure are the cutest!!

  12. Oh yea!! No question who was the cutest!!! Congrats on the winning a prize!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  13. You guys looked way too sure deserved the win...and that movie palace is just can't find places like that anymore

  14. Your mom looks so glamorous in her vintage outfit. Love the Pugateers costumes - very dashing! Enjoy your foodables.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  15. Aww you guys look so cute in your costumes! And those apple cider donuts are making my mouth water!

  16. Clearly you were the cutest! But I got stuck on the homemade doughnuts! :)

  17. i'm glad you guys won! Those costumes are SO CUTE! the feathers hats are my favorite I think.

  18. We looked at every single photo-- oooohing and awwwwwing,,,,
    and we think for sure you were all the cutest,, and how exciting you won! And we love the photo of mom too!

  19. Their costumes are darling! I think next year, you need to be in charge of Halloween at our place!

  20. What fantastix photo's, you guys look brilliant all dressed up and Mom sure did a great job with those doughnuts xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. You all look fantastic in your costumes! Congratulations on winning - that's so cool that you're going to get your photo in the paper. I'm glad to hear you got lots of treats - I mean technically you should have EACH gotten a pumpkin filled with treats, right? :)

    That theatre does look amazing. That's great that they keep it looking beautiful. Glad your 'rents had a nice evening.


  22. OMD, i LOVE your outfits (& mom's too)!!! the three pugateers are just too cute. of course you guys won. congrats!
    happy halloween!
    wags, bailey unleashed

  23. I would say you got snookered on the Halloween pumpkin, you should have had the bark box AND the pumpkin!!

    Yes, you were adorable!! Love the costumes. Do you like dressing up?

  24. Bsrkbox Bark box goods are still delicious goods!!!