Monday, October 17, 2011

Poor Dr. Zira-and Some Good News

Things have not been going so well for poor little old lady Z.  On Sunday we noticed that she was squinting her left eye a little, she has cataracts and is generally a little squinty so we didn't worry too much.  However, by Monday morning she was holding her left eye completely closed. 

Now, Dr. Zira has a deep, dark secret: she is not a cat lover.   She came to us at the age of 9 and had evidently never lived with cats.   Luckily for the cats little old girl that she is there is no chance of her catching them, but it hasn't stopped her from trying.  Z has arthritis and several times a day she will get up all stiff from her bed and run her limpy gait after an offending cat, at least she is getting some exercise.  The cats don't seem to bothered as they just jump on the nearest table.  Due to her cat chasing proclivities I was worried that one of our kitties might have gotten fed up with the harrasment and scratched Zira's eye.

When we got to our vet Dr. Green  at Jersey City Animal Hospital  she looked at Zira's eye and confirmed that she has a corneal ulcer.  Dr. Green felt Zira had been rubbing or scratching her eye and making it worse, so uh-oh time for the cone of shame.  In addition to the cone Zira also got pen meds and eye drops to be given three times a day and she needs to go back to the vet for a re-check in 7 days.

Unfortunately, Dr. Green found something else in the exam.  Poor Z also has a heart murmur, this is brand new as she didn't have one during her dental cleaning in August.   Dr. Green thinks that all we should do for now is monitor Zira and watch for any signs of coughing or exercise intolerance (I guess for Zira the exercise is cat chasing as she is not much for walkies, she prefers being carried).  If the murmur gets worse or we see any symptoms then we will do an EKG.  

So we sped off home with all the meds and Z settled in for nap and I checked the computer.

Then we got our good news of the day, our awesome kitty friends Gorogoro and Nikoniko gave us two awards!

The stylish blogger award:

Mom has a monthly subscription to Vogue and we love high fashion, so we are very flattered to be considered stylish!  Also Dr. Zira is doing a great job carrying of that cone.
The second award is the You Are An Inspiration Award.  We love being inspirational.  After all anyone who sees mom's attempts at knitting should be inspired that anyone, and we mean anyone, can try their hand at knitting.

We are passing our award on to three blogs that we recently discovered:

Pug Slope


  1. Sorry to hear about Zira's heart murmur. I know she's in wonderful hands, though, and that you will do everything that can be done for her. Congratulations on BOTH of your awards - they are well-deserved!

  2. all our paws are crossed for little one
    Benny & Lily

  3. We are very sorry to hear about little Z! We know all about those kitties!!

    Thank woo for the award! I will accept with honor because I'm certain it is meant for ME!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  4. Congratulations on the awards! We certainly hope Z is feeling much better!

  5. Old lady Z we hope your eye feels better soon and everything is ok with your sweet heart.

    Old lady Tuni

  6. We hope Lady Z gets better and the meds help her. Kudos to you for the awards you received.......your friends from Guam - MA-kytah and Shady

  7. Hope you feel better Ms. Zira. Watch out fur those cats.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  8. Sorry to hear about Zira's health issues. Glad to know she has a vet that is on top of it.

  9. Hi guys - we are a new follower and and look forward to being friends.

    I am so sorry to hear about Miss Z. we will keep our paws crossed that she feels better soon.

  10. Oh poor Miss Z, at least she has a lovely mum who'll take good care of her. Fingers and paws crossed that she feels better soon.

    And congratulations on your blog awards too!! =^..^=

  11. Poor Dr. Z. Getting old stinks! And the cone of shame on top of it.
    Best wishes for Zira on a full recovery for her eyeball and that her murmur stays really quiet.

  12. Oh no poor Zira...I hope she will be better by the time she goes back to the vet.
    I love your blog...especially love reading about all the fun you have in the city!