Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flashback Friday-In Memory of Dr. Zira

On Monday we received a package from Sid's dad over at Pug Slope, 
a lovely portrait of dear departed Dr. Zira

I love how this picture captures Z's sweet, expressive gaze, and that here little pink tongue is hanging out (she had the cutest tongue).

Her siblings seemed to like Z's  picture too, Norbert sniffed it thoroughly

 (perhaps detecting some eau de Sid).

We placed the picture on a shelf in our living room, underneath portraits of Tubby, Norbert, Ping, and Bob (and a professional photo of Dr. Zira).

Once we find a suitable frame we will  hang it up with the other portraits where we can see Z's sweet face looking down on us each day.  

Please order a portrait of your pet from Sid's dad today!


  1. That's a great portrait! Love your wall of doggy portraits

  2. A beautiful portrait! I like that little tongue hanging out as well!

  3. It's adorable!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Love it! Where can you go to get your personalized pet portrait? Also...I was printing a copy of Ping's Strawberry birthday cake for my Toby Moses, who turns 6 on May 19th. I noticed it says 2 1/2 cups...but then it doesn't say what of?!? Please e-mail me at mindyslimmer AT gmail DOT com so I can make my birthday boy this scrumptuous cake. :)
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy & The Slimmer Puggums

  5. This is a very beautiful portrait of your sweet Zira. I love love love the pink tongue! She did have the cutest tongue :-)
    I hope you will find the perfect frame for her!

  6. Oh gosh, this is a beautiful portrait! It is just amazing!

  7. I miss my old dogs, too. The portrait looks perfect.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. Hi Urban Hounds!

    My dad is really happy that you like the portrait and wanted to thank you for posting it up on your blog today. He said he liked seeing it in its new home. Those other portraits you have look really nice, too! Where did you get those done?

    Have a great weekend! I bet you guys are so excited to pick up Weasley!


  9. Oh such a nice portrait. How wonderful.

    PS is that teapots we see on the shelf? Mum is crazy for teapots, she has.... many!


  10. Aww that is so sweet, such a nice picture! Dr.Z will always be in our thoughts and hearts! X x x X

  11. What a beautiful portrait of Dr. Zira!!