Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pugs in The Kitchen Treats-(Not Just for Pugs)

Anyone with a dog knows the most popular room in the house, no matter how shabby its condition, is the kitchen.

After all that is where the human is likely storing the dog treats, as well as all the tasty tidbits that are off-limits to even the most deserving hound.  Its also where that human magic called cooking occurs.  Now, I love cooking for my dogs, but sometimes I am just feeling too lazy or too busy (such as when a new puppy has entered the home).  At those times I like to turn to treats from Pug in The Kitchen.   .

Sir Tubs-a-Lot (Tubby), Starship Pugerprise (Weasley)  and (Ping-a-Ling) Ping in Weasley's X-Pen in the kitchen (The Nicknames are from Sarge's Nick Name Game)

 There treats are home-made by real dog lovers and contain nutritious, yummy ingredients.  They offer grain free and allergy friendly options.  The treats  are made in small batches and are all natural so you never have to worry about re-calls.   Plus their very economical!   For aproximately 20 dollars you get 2 lbs of tasty tidbits.   Treats from Pugs in the Kitchen arrive vacuum packed to ensure freshness and can be frozen until you want to use them.

Grain Free Lavendar Chicken, Cheese Pizza, and Pumpkin Kisses Treats

You definitely don't need to be a pug to enjoy these treats.  All of the urban hounds are wild for them.  We particularly like that they are soft and chewy, a nice change from the usual crunchy treats.

"Put away the damn camera and give me a treat already!"

"I think I'll help myself"

"Hey Bob, when do you think she is going to give us a treat?"


So anyway just when we thought Pugs in The Kitchen could not possibly get any cooler, they did!  They got way cooler!  because they introduced toys, not just any toys but toys with a Star Trek theme.  I mean what could be better for a family of dogs that have shirts like this:

Mom bought the toys right away and luckily she bought extra because they don't seem to have the Insignia dog toy anymore.  Hopefully, they can still make it because it is already our favorite. Weasley in particular loves the toy, after a nice round of fetch its perfect for a nap

 Particularly when you are wearing your Star Fleet Cadets t-shirt!


  1. How cute is this? Way cute! Will definitely check out Pugs in the Kitchen. Thanks!

  2. Its official, we're in love with Weasley.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. Oh my goodness, how cute are those shirts! Neat treats too!

  4. Oh, how adorable! I'm sorry that they don't have the insignia anymore, I think my fiance would love it if Elka had one of those (Elka would too, for the five minutes it took to ruin it >.>)

  5. We have personally inspected that kitchen and thoroughly approve!

  6. This reminds me of a the stuff toys here at home. They all have fur in them. LOL. I even have to sweep the floor every two days just to minimize the shedding fur ^^.

    P.S. I saw Darth Vader in a T-shirt.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. It sure sounds like all your guys love these treats! Starship Pugerprise sure is looking sweet!

  8. These sound yummy! Love all the pics of the pups enjoying their treats! Weasely is WAY too adorable! I need to stop looking at pics of him or I may end up with a Pug puppy of my own before long!

  9. Oh those treats sound good

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. oh what a wonderful post!
    we LOVE PITK cookies and accessories too!
    they are so fabulous!
    weasley is just too cue for words and he looks so comfy and happy on his blankie you made for him!
    love LOVE lOvE!

  11. Oh I want some of those treats soooo bad. My mommy needs to get busy and get me some!
    The teee shirts are too cute on the furrys, and I want to smooch little Weasleys face!

  12. Wow! So many good things!!! Great pics!!! Love the little teeny tiny one all curled up in his little shirt..how cute! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  13. Those treats sound deeeee-lish. I'll have to pull up the website and make sure my 'rents see it. I'm glad Bob finally got a treat after waiting so patiently! Weasley is just too cute laying on that star trek toy! I bet he doesn't get a break from the camera. :)


  14. Yay!! We are so happy that you like the treats!! Our mama is one of the partners in PITK.

    Mama didn't realize she took the Insignia dog toy off of the website - she will be sure to add it back on!

    Weasley is just too cute!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie