Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot Time: Summer in The City

Most of us know that dogs over heat much faster the humans and certainly all responsible dog owners know the dangers of a hot car.  However, dogs can over heat easily outside and even on a day when the weather is in the 80s.   Hot weather is even more dangerous for brachycephalic dogs (dogs with short snouts) like pugs, english and french bulldogs, and boston terriers.   Here are some of the signs of heat stroke:

Early signs include:

• Restlessness
• Panting
• Increased respiratory rate
• Increased heart rate
• Excess salivation
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Weakness
• Staggering
• Gasping
• Gum color may become brick red, then purple or blue (cyanosis)
• Seizures
If its very the temperature is high leave your dog at home in the air conditioning and do walks in the early morning and evening hours.  For city dogs, remember that pavement retains heat and dogs walking on hot pavement will over heat much more quickly then dogs walking on grass.  Bring water all walks.    If your dog shows any signs of heat exhaustion immediately get them indoors and cool them in a tub with cold water.  Particular attention should be payed to the paws and stomach.  Rubbing alcohol can be brought on walks and applied to a dogs paws to cool them down as well.  There are also products like cooling bandanas and vests
Remember keep cool:


  1. Useful advice, thanks. But may I propose an alternative?
    (Today's forecast high is 12ºC, that's 54ºF)
    Toodle pip!

  2. Good reminder since our weather will be near 100 for 2nd day in a row.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  3. Stay cool in Jersey today!

  4. Don't forget the bottle of water to quench their thirst. We often experience extreme heats here so it's very important to remember to let the stay in shady areas.

    Our dog balcony is made of bamboo walls and coconut leaves roof. It's like a tropical hut so it's very cool.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. Thanks fow those cool's hot hewe too, and I will keep all youw advices in mind and tell Mommi too, now go splash in that cool pool of youws
    smoochie kisses

  6. This is very goods advice. Mum always gets worried when it gets hots out. She says I am terribles even in the coolest of the warmer weathers. One year she tooks me to work where there was air conditionings when we had a terrible week of heat and humidity. Mostly though our tempuratures are tolerables that most of us don't have air con.


  7. A cooling bandana! What a great idea! Because of my heart condition, I am not allowed out much in this heat. Air conditioning is an older dogs best friend.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Excellent advice
    Love and licks, Winnie

  9. Thank you for all these tips. I get hot very fast, so my moms are very careful to keep me cool.
    And I get cold easy- so I always have to wear clothes.
    Thank you again