Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Product Review-Green Tea Suplement from I Love Dogs

Mom is crazy about giving us supplements, we have a whole counter in our kitchen with nothing but our supplement needs on it: fish oil, coenzyme q 10, Digetive Enzymes, glucosamine, etc.   Mom has been looking for awhile, though, for the perfect antioxidant supplements and it seems that at last she has found it.  In the form of I love Dogs Green Tea supplement  (don't worry the tea is decaffeinated).

How antioxidants work is a bit confusing, basically what happens is as you (or your dog) ages your body takes in free radicals that damage your cells. This process is called oxidation. Over time the damage of oxidation can cause lots of problems like cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.  Antioxidants help halt the oxidation process by neutralizing free radicals.  Taking antioxidants is especially important for older animals and since our canine family includes a bevy of seniors at 11, 10, and 9 they are a must for us.

What's really great about the I Love Dogs product is that they come in pill rather then powder form, mom says powders can be a pain to dish out particularly when you are measuring for 5 frantically hungry caninesAlso the pills are liver flavored so your 'rents don't have to worry about hiding them in peanut butter or turkey or anything, we scarfed them down right away.  Another great feature, particularly if you have a lot of hounds, is that the product comes in fairly large packages.  Mom has ordered some of those little powder tins and they last us about a week and then she has to re-order.  These pills should last us about 2 months, and they come in dosages appropriate to size.  Just order the package that matches your dog and even if you have a big boy like Norbert you will only have to dole out two  pills a day.

Mom says we are going to  be on this supplement for the rest of our lives to keep our old bones going, playing and enjoying walks, and that is fine with us. (Note: Weasley does not take this as it seems excessive for a puppy, but Bob does since while he is not old at age 5 he is approaching middle age for a Bulldog). 


  1. This green tea supplement sounds wonderful for older dogs. Love the pics of your family taking a stroll in the park. Weasley looks adorable in his stroller!

  2. Sounds quite interesting Thanks
    Benny & Lily

  3. I love your walkie.
    I am such a picky doggy,. I do not know if I would eat it.

  4. That's awesome - antioxidants are so great for dogs young and old. If I had it to do again, I'd have had my boys on AO support long before now! We'll have to check out the green tea supplement. We rotate our supplements around and there isn't a GT one in the rotation right now! THanks for the tip!