Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Power of the Paw for Ping

So I know I said we would be on blogger break until September but we need some Power of the Paw and good Juju sent this way.  I noticed too lumps on Ping, one small one on her head and a still small but slightly larger one on her abdomen.    She is overdue for a tooth cleaning and so will be going on in for surgery tomorrow to have her teeth cleaned and the lumps removed and biopsied.  She is the same age Tubby was when he had his mast cell tumor removed and the one lump is almost in the same exact location.  Aside from my fears about anesthesia I am really worried these are going to turn out to be cancerous lumps, as Tubby's was, and even though I know that pugs can be fine after mast cell cancer (Tubby is proof of that) the C word still has my knees shaking.


  1. Gosh, that is really scary. I hope everything goes ok. Please keep us posted and know that you are in our prayers.

  2. We are thinking about you guys - please let us know how it goes tomorrow....

  3. Juju coming your way Ping.
    Love Noodles

  4. I am sending my healing smoochies and POTP fow Ping
    wif my love

  5. Hugs, prayers and juju coming your way!
    stella rose

  6. Oh no, lots off love, prayers, healthy healing juju and good wishes for little ping, hope to hear more soon about the vet visit and hope we can put the bitey on the dreaded "C" love, hugs and Tummy rubs from your Furiend Frank and Family x X X X X

  7. Loads of good juju on the way for Ping and mom. We are hoping that the lumps are just old dog warts and nothing to be worried about.

  8. Like all the rest, sending good vibes your way...may there be nothing wrong that can't be fixed by the magic of good vet practice...best, best wishes!

  9. We will keep you and Ping in our thoughts. We hope all goes well with the surgery and results from the biopsy.

    Many hugs

  10. Power of the paw! We send ju ju and prayers for Ping.


  11. Oh no! POTP and Doxie juju headed your way

  12. I am also sending power of the paw thoughts and prayers to Ping!

  13. Crossed paws and prayers that Ping's lump is just a silly harmless bump. Hugs.

  14. hey Ping,

    My paws are tightly crossed for you! We will be thinking of you as you tomorrow during your surgery and sending you nothing but positive, healthy thoughts and lots of prayers.

    For your mom, there is a new website that is specifically for ailing dogs so everyone can be aware and send Power of the Paws:


    I (Suka) am on it for my recent illness, and I know it is because of all the well-wishes and crossed paws that I received that I am healing. So, perhaps Ping can be added to the site.

    Good luck, Ping! Power of the Paws to you!! And hugs and positive thoughts to your mom and family so that they are not too upset and worried.

    Suka and K

  15. i am sending all of my love and good vibes to ping!

    i am thinking of you and will keep checking in on all of you!


  16. Oh I know just how you and your Mom are feeling. My Grandpa is fighting the nasty "C" word right now and every lumpty bump I get we worry. I've gotten so many that by now we don't panic as much when we find a new one. They have all been benign "old age" bumps ;) (knock on wood)

    I think your Mom and my Mom have the same worries and fears. The thought of anesthesia keeps Mom awake all night with worry. I'm sure Ping will do great and bounce right out of the clinic when you pick her up.

    It's good you are so diligent with caring for your dogs and as tiny as the bumps are now she should be good as new with them removed.


  17. Our paws are crossed and we are thinking of you. Please keep us posted.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. Oh no I am so sorry to hear this. I hope and pray for your precious Ping that the surgery will go smoothly and everything will be okay. My kitties are purring for Ping..kitty purr have healing power.