Thursday, December 1, 2011

In Memory of Bingo-Dogs with Disabilities

Yesterday, marked the anniversary of the day we had to say goodbye to Bingo.   Even though all deaths of loved ones are sad and we all miss Bingo, as I have written on here before his story is a very happy one.  Bingo came to us at the age of 11-13 years after a lifetime of neglect and with serious health problems: probable cancer of the spleen (a spleenectomy was impossible due to the size of the tumor, but it was a slow growing cancer), partial paralysis, thyroid disorder, and incontinence.   Even with all of these problems he lived two happy years with us, until he went into liver failure and we had to let him go.

Bingo had partial hind leg paralysis.  Our vet was unable to determine the exact cause of the problem.   Unfortunately, his condition worsened in the time we had him so that he want from being able to walk short distances to losing all control of his back legs.   We were lucky that Bingo, being a pug, was small and he was able to move around inside by scooting along using his front legs, with the back legs dragging behind.  We cleaned his back legs and made him little overalls to wear so that he didn't scrape his legs when he dragged them.  We were also lucky we had no rugs, so no rug burn.  Of course Bingo, needed away to get around outside so we got him a wheelchair.  Due to the seriousness of Bingo's condition we went for a simple model wheelchair that could be made quickly, rather then one of the more expensive and fancier models, as we were afraid that if it took to long to make the chair Bingo might not be around to enjoy it.    Here is a video of Bingo using his chair in our back yard on the day it came.  (Another lucky break being city dwellers our backyard is concrete since it is also our car port, so Bingo was able to roll around easily). 

My experience with Bingo has taught me that dogs with paralysis and other disabilities can do very well with wheel chairs. While I realize it is a very personal decision and every situation is different, I am always saddened when I hear of people automatically putting loved companions to sleep because of compromised mobility or loss of bowel/bladder control.  These days there are many options from wheel chairs to doggie diapers to mobility harnesses, that can help dogs with disabilities maintain a great quality of life.  Below are some resources:

Eddie's Wheels
Dogs With Disabilities
Help 'Em Up Harness


  1. What a special dog! :)
    Enjoy your memories today.

  2. Bingo sure sounds like one special furry kid
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a caring and loving family Bingo came into for his furever home. Bingo looks so happy to be part of the family in that video...

    Puppy hugs to you as you remember Bingo today.

  4. I am so very impressed with your outlook on doggy disabilities. Bingo had one great home his last two years!


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