Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday-Mighty Mutt Treats Product Review

I'm Norbert and I'm a Mutt and proud of it!

I'm a might mutt.   Mighty handsome:

Mighty Smart (just look at me reading):

 Mighty Fast at the Dog Park:

With A Mighty Big Appetite:

Mighty Good at Disguises

A Mighty Good Snuggler

A Mighty Big Party Animal:

A Mighty Big Smiler:

And a Mighty Good Big Brother:

 I'm mighty in every way, so when mom and dad saw these Mighty Mutt Treats

 from Polka Dog Bakery  they had to buy them for me.  These treats live up to their name!  They are delicious...and good for me.

 They are loaded with glucosamine and chroindroitin for achy joints, perfect for an older Mighty Mutt like me and they are flavored with beef liver.   Mom loves their size, they are nice and small which makes them easy to dole out to hungry pups.    

Get some for your Mighty Mutt or Pure Breed today!

PS: Don't forget to enter my brother Bob's birthday giveaway here .


  1. Norbert you are the mightiest! Mighty cute that's for sure! Those treats sound yummy. :)

  2. Your are quite the amazing mutt.

  3. You are so mighty! I like your costume and your snuggling skillz!

  4. Norbert is a Mighty Dog!!! He is so cute. I didn't realize his size until he was in the bed with his dad! Wow! How much does he weigh? I am sure Norbert shared those treats. Good photos!

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

    1. Norbert weighs 95 lbs and is really very big. I love having my big boy. I do worry that at his size he is really getting up there since he is almost 10

  5. We've seen these in the store but have never bought them! We'll have to give them a try!

  6. Woof! Woof! You are mighty mutt handsome. Nuggets love it. Enjoy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden ALOHA n WOofs, Sugar

  7. You are one ADORABLE mutt!! Great post!!

  8. you are all so adorable!!
    Benny & Lily

  9. Wow what a mighty mutt! Love your mighty smile pic!

  10. You really are handsome Norbert! And big and strong.
    It must be lots of love and treats that make you so handsome!

  11. Hi Norbert!

    Your treats look delicious!
    You are super sexy! We really love your photos!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  12. Norbert you are mighty cute! I love your photo of you in disguise :-) And the one being such a good big brother....awww!

  13. Norbert, you look so handsome and pawesome!
    Thank you for your sweet notes :)

  14. Norbert you are a Mighty Fine Pup! I really liked the photo of you being the Mighty good big brother.