Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Winners Wednesday

We have been very luck lately.  First in March we won an e-copy of the book The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood  from our friend Kolchak  at Kol's Notes, mom has been awful lazy about reading it (sheesh she has had over a month!) but we have caught her reading some other stuff.  She promises that as soon as she is done she will post a review.  

Then later in March we won our friend Wilma's birthday contest benefiting pug rescue.   First we got a twenty five dollar gift certificate to Pugs in the Kitchen, woo hoo!  That is a lot of tasty noms and as we have kind of a treat overload here, mom is hanging onto the certificate until we eat our way through our current treat stash (we are more then up to the challenge).  That wasn't all we won from the super generous Wilma though, and yesterday a package arrived

"Oooh smells interesting!"

In the package was a lovely and thoughtful pug card from Wilma, and her mom and her  siblings Brigitte and Sluggo.  

Then even better there was a beautiful and soft fleece blanket

We loved the monkey print, it reminds us of our sweet angel sister Dr. Zira,
who passed away in March.   Mom put the blanket on Dr. Z's special bed.  We all wanted to try it out.

So nice and soft

Come on Baby, let me have a turn

But that wasn't all, there was also an adorable print of a pug riding a bicycle!  

The perfect thing for a family with a bike riding puggie like Ping!

We are so greatful to Kol and Wilma for our prizes, and for all the money they have raised for dog rescue.

But the winning streak doesn't stop here........

We also won the fabulous Bunk's  Easter contest and we will be getting a custom drawing from Bailey's mom.    We are going to use it to have our new brother Weasley drawn after he comes home, since mom already has paintings of the rest of us.   We are sure Bailey's mom will create a masterpiece.


  1. Congrats! Look at all. That cool stuff!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Congratulations! Awesome prizes!

  3. Wow, you have been on a lucky streak! I love you new blanket!

  4. You guys are winners for sure! Love the pink monkey blankie! Are you looking at it hu-mom? Make us one!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. Awesome luck!!! We are hoping to win one of baileys moms drawing one day - it would be a great way to remember my fred.
    Congrats on all the loot!

  6. Wow you have been very lucky! Congratulations on all the prizes!
    That fleece blanket looks very comfy. How sweet of you to put it on your angel Zira's bed.
    Can't wait to see the custom drawing of Weasley!

  7. That blanket looks super comfy! Love that print, too - love the pug and the background.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Oh boy, I am so excited to see you all enjoying your rewards! I totally forgot about Ping and his bike basket! That makes the photo even more special. I'm glad you like everything and hope you enjoy!


  9. I love looking at all your treasures,, and I love that monkey quilt! Its such a happy quilt,, and would be wonderful to cuddle in.

  10. That box didn't stand a chance ;) I say dive right in and get to the yummies. Congratulations on your winnings.

    PeeS: I hope we didn't offend you with our last post. We didn't mean that all bicyclists are rude. It just seems the majority in our area haven't read about etiquette. There is one really nice lady that bikes with her little dog in a covered basket and she apologies every time she passes because her dog barks at other dogs. How nice of her. We understand some doggies get excited.

  11. Congratulations on all your wins! That blanket looks super soft and I love that wild border. That photo of Ping on the bike is awesome. I want to try riding on a bike. My 'rents told me about a time before they had me that they saw a guy riding around their neighborhood on a bike with his dog riding alongside in a custom-made sidecar! How cool would that be.

    Hope you guys win some more stuff soon - gotta keep riding that streak!


  12. Wow you had some cool stuff, congratulations on your win! Wahoo! I love the photo of Ping on the bike ride! sooo cute! Love, Licks and Hugs from your Friend Frank xxxxxx