Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday PG Wodhouse, Humorist and dog lover

 “Tuppy uttered a stricken woofle like a bulldog that has been refused cake.
  Wodehouse, Very Good, Jeeves!

October 15, marks the 131st birthday of one of our favorite people--author PG Wodehouse.   Incredibly gifted comic writer and dog lover.  Just look at this picture of him with his dachshund, taken near the end of his life. 

In fact Wodehouse is party responsible for founding one of the largest pet rescues in the NY area, the Bide-A-Wee animal shelter.

Wodehouse also wrote plenty about dogs, cats, and other animals and some of his best stories  are collected in A Wodehouse Bestiary.

We decided to celebrate PG's birthday with an English style breakfast  (Note this breakfast is for people no matter how many stricken woofles the dogs in attendance make.  However, if the dogs are particularly adorable you may do as we did a slip then a teeny tiny bit of sausage).

Jamie Oliver's One Pan English Breakfast Fry Up (serves 2-3 with big appetites)

2 sausage you can use English style but we used hot Italian, sliced in half and flattened to speed cooking time
1 pint mushrooms sliced
3 plum tomatoes, or one large beef steak tomato
4-5 slices of bacon
2 to 3 eggs
HP sauce

Heat a non stick pan over the highest heat and when its really hot add the sausages, pressing down to flatten them and speed cooking.   Add a little olive oil to the other side of the pan and  put in the sliced mushrooms, season with salt and pepper.   Cook for awhile so the mushrooms start to get  brown.  Add the bacon and keep stirring everything around.  When the bacon is almost done add the sliced tomatoes and again keep stirring everything around.  Flip the sausages over.  When the sausages are nearly cooked through and the bacon is  almost crisp, crack in the eggs and tilt the pan around.  Cook until the whites of the eggs are done and the yolks are just set.  Serve with HP sauce and toast.

After that giant breakfast you will need to take a nice long walk.   Weasley wore his tweed jacket

Doesn't he look like Bertie Wooster?

We think PG wold approve.


  1. We know Bidawee!! I love your tweed jacket too Weasley!

  2. Great post. And love the picture of my namesake.
    What ho!

  3. What a delightful post. I just downloaded a sample of A Wodehouse Bestiary on my Nook. If Mr. Wodehouse were alive today, I know he would approve of Weasley's dapper duds. What a sweetie! Your breakfast...YUM. It looks so delicious. I'm a lover of breakfast and that looks like a good one. Happy Birthday, PG Wodehouse.

  4. What a lovely idea! PG would most definitely approve and we think he would especially love Wealely in his tweed jacket - very dapper indeed!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. PG is brilliant. We love Jeeves and Wooster. Great idea a British fry-up. And with that to quote , Jeeves smiled paternally. Or, rather, he had a kind of paternal muscular spasm about the mouth, which is the nearest thing he ever gets to smiling. BOL! Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. What a great man PG was! He looks so happy in that picture with his dog! Weasley looks so handsome in tweed, I think PG would approve! :)

  7. Happy PG day! Thank you for that trivia. I think some people are just amazing. The first rescue shelter was up during times of black and white pictures? I didn't know that.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. Weasley my fine man, you would look in anything :-)

  9. What an awesome man! And an awesome breakfast! *drools*

  10. What a great post! Love the tribute to P.G. Wodehouse, and the English breakfast looks delicious! Love Weasley's tweed jacket! And he looks smashing in it!


  11. I ran over here to give you some puggy love,

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