Friday, February 17, 2012

365-Photo of the Week and a tribute to Medor, the Father of Canine Photography

Tubby here: 

So many photos.  Mom constantly interrupting naps, snack time, play time.  Anything to get an image!  Ugh!  Then telling us to sit still so the photos don't look blurry and so we don't have to use the flash that makes us look all red eyed and grey faced.    Flash is very aging.

Mom is not sympathetic to our plight.  She says our images must be preserved for posterity.  Then she told us to invoke the spirit of this fellow: 

Medor, the dog belonging to Louise Daguerre who developed daguerreotype photography in the 1800s.  Apparently, Daguerre regularly photographed Medor and tried out new techniques with him.  Since exposure times with this type of photography were long Medor would have had to sit still for anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour.   Yikes!   I guess it could be worse.  Without further ado our picture picks for the week, Nap time Snaps:

Please go over to Kol's Notes and read all about the excellent 365 pet project and preserve your pooch for posterity.


  1. Now you guys know how to nap!! Love the tongue!

  2. Nice work! I love those final two images.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Oh, I'm good at posing for the nap shots! And you guys look super cute!

  4. Great job at standing still and of course laying still!

  5. You guys are SO CUTE! I har ya though, the mama is always interrupting us with that stupid flashy bulb box. It's obnoxious!!