Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mom's Bike Friday Comute

Every weekday morning mom wakes up early to have breakfast  and check her e-mail.  Then she says good-bye to us and dad

and rides her Bike Friday to her job teaching in Manhattan.   When mom gets close to the path train she can see the NYC skyline.
When she reaches the Path Station at Exchange Place she sees this incredible view.

The Bike Friday folds up in a few seconds and gets small enough to fit easily on even a crowded commuter train.

 One stop and she is at the World Trade Center.  

The school is only a few blocks away.  Here is the view from mom's classroom's window

 On the way home she passes this NYC dog park that always has a great mix of  breeds: retrievers, bulldogs, bostons, labs, chihuahuas, shelties, spinone italianos, mutts.  Mom has spotted them all.

 The commute home is mostly uphill.  So mom is tired when she gets to the door but we are so happy to see here and get out into our back yard.   There is nothing like coming home to a joyful dog.

 Mom's whole commute takes only 30 minutes door to door and she is home everyday by 3:30.  Pretty great for a big city commute.   We are wondering what is your 'rents commute like?


  1. OH Dog! Your mom is so lucky to have you guys there to make her feel better after her tiring commute home!

  2. What beautiful pictures of the NYC skyline! One thing about your Momma's commute, it must really keep her in good shape! Love the pics of Dad and the kids!

  3. How awesome to have your mom home so early, and I bet she appreciates her quick and scenic commute! I'm lucky that my mom doesn't have one, she stays home with me, but dad has a 45 minute travel time one way in rush hour. I make sure he knows how much I missed him when he gets home.

  4. Nice post, honey! I'll bet you see some innerestin' things on yer bike ride in The Big Apple.

    My mom is two miles from 'er work, so she even comes home fer lunch! She'd like tuh walk or ride 'er bike but the street she has tuh take is too darn busy an' no sidewalk. Bummer I tell ya what.

  5. That Bike Friday is pretty cool! We have only about a ten minute drive to Mom's office.

  6. You have a lovely commute to school with a fun workout. Thirty minutes is not bad at all.
    We enjoy your photos of New York.
    We live in a very rural area and fortunately mom's office is 15 minutes away down a rural highway. Most mornings mom's car is the only one on the road to the office. She has to watch for deer and other wildlife crossing the road. This is the road that someone dumped Betsy on last July - so you never know what you will find.

  7. That is a great commute, you are lucky that is 30 minutes!

  8. What a fantastic post! I love it! The last photo is incredibly sweet.

    Dad asks whether you ever take a ferry across the Hudson, like the one from Paulus Hook to the WFC (fur disclosure: he looked that up on a map).

    As you know, he also bikes to work, but his route changes based on the snow situation. If there is no snow, he uses a country road (where his bike broke 2 weeks ago) and then goes through an office/industrial park (thank goodness the bike didn't break there). When there's snow on the roads, he mostly uses residential roads and arterial roads that get winter maintenance. Travel time is 15-25 minutes, depending on the wind :)

    Mom works at home, so she has a virtual commute.

  9. We love the welcome home faces and some great pictures of NYC. Mum mostly works at home occasionally she has to travel to Birminghan which is two hours away. Too far.

  10. That is a great commute, and some good sights along the way. Mommas is 35 minutes 1 way
    Yuk! Benny & Lily

  11. Wow, what a cool bike! I am very impressed that your Mom bikes to work and back!

  12. Your mom's commute sounds fun with great view and, oh, the view from the classroom is beautiful!! I have a view of mountains from my office building and it is very nice in autumn as it gets colorful leaves.
    It's the best to come home to fur babies. Seeing their happy faces makes me forget about all the hard work in the office :-)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  13. What a gorgeous skyline to see! That is a great commute plus some exercise too...can't beat that. No commute here at our house as hubby works out of the house or in town mostly. When he does installations he has to drive because he is a Building Contractor, and he needs his tools in his truck, so he can't take a bus or bike. I'm a stay at home mom so I too work out of the home.

  14. Hey guys, nice to meet you and thanks for visiting our blog..You are an awesome bunch of doggies...Oh and so we can keep in touch we now follow your blog. Hugs♥

  15. What a nice commute :D
    You always see so much more when you are out of the car.
    And you come home to those cheery faces...Life is Good!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  16. Mom's not a bike rider but that view is pretty awesome. Mom drives 4.7 miles to work on school days and the other days, she drives to the light rail station and takes the train in. The train actually takes longer than driving but it's important to support public transit in our area.

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