Saturday, March 10, 2012

City Critters-First Run

First I want to say how incredibly thankful I am for the outpouring of support we have received after the loss of Dr. Zira.   I am feeling much better after a day of non-stop crying on Thursday and its largely due to your support!   Z had a good retirement and was a good old girl, her vet described her as "spunky."  That is how I will always think of her, my feisty old lady.

Now for something more positive.  Last Saturday, my husband and I took Ping on a bike ride to NYC's first run at Tompkins Square Park.  The Tompkin's Square run was the first dog park established in NYC, it was constructed in the 1980s way before dog runs were de rigueur.  Its huge by NYC standards and always hopping with a fascinating mix of pooches.   Ping enjoyed checking out the small dog section while I was entranced by the gorgeous Dogue de Bordeaux, one of my favorite breeds, on the large side.


  1. We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time!

  2. That dog park doesn't have grass! Just the opposite of here. It's the ONLY place in Albuquerque that has grass. Every place else is sand, rock, and dirt.

  3. Pretty much none of the dog parks around here have grass. I think the thinking is that the dogs will wreck the grass and it will turn to mud. Some of them have astro turf but most are gravel or concrete.

    Urban Hounds

  4. I have never been to a dog park- with or without grass!

  5. Actually I think the dog park without grass is a pretty good idea. That looks like a great dog park and you can tell Ping was happy to be there!

  6. We've been gone and are so sorry to hear about Dr Z. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

    Dog parks in our area have some grass but are fun to run around in on grass or gravel or mud! Well, I run, Mack just stands around...ha ha ha.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  7. I have yet to have brought any of our poochies to a doggie park. My daughter who use to do Vet Tech. work use to say so many hurt dogs were injured at dog parks and advised me not to bring them.

    How does one know if it is safe or not? I just would hate to have an injury happen.

    For now ours are closed but should open sometime this month.

  8. That is a nice big dog run! I'll have to get my parentals to put me in my travel bag and hop the subway to the east village. There's a nice dog run in Park Slope (J.J. Byrne Dog Run) but it's pretty tiny compared to that park.

    Looks like Ping had a good time!