Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simple Kibble Topper-Chicken Salad for Dogs

Yum chicken, what dog doesn't love it.  It certainly has my pups licking their lips.

 Plus chicken is nutritious and readily available.   While I was making up chicken salad for myself for my lunch time sandwiches I decided to mix up a  hound friendly version.  (With some healthy fruits thrown in)

Chicken Salad for Pups

4 boneless, skinless organic chicken fillets boiled or baked 
2 apples, diced
1/2 pint blue berries (blue berries are loaded with good for you anti-oxidants and have been shown to ward off dementia in older animals)
2 stalks of celery chopped
1/2 cup fat free plain yogurt

Tear up the chicken breasts into small bits and put in a large bowl.   Stir in apples, blueberries, and celery.  You can off course completely customize this and add whatever fruit and vegetables you have on hand: strawberries, peas, fava beans, cherries, and raspberries wold all be good choices.  After you  have added your fruit and celery to the chicken  mix in the yogurt until everything is well combined.   

Serve atop your dogs kibble for an extra nutritional boost.

Note: If your dog is sensitive to dairy just leave out the yogurt.

Chicken Salad for the Peeps  (Cause mom and dad have to eat too)

2 chicken breasts with skin and on the boan
olive oil
salt and pepper
about a 1/4 cup of Mayonaise
3 tbsp of tarragon chopped (but I really like tarragon so you may want less)
2 stalks of celery chopped
1/4 cup green grapes, halved
Mesculun or baby lettuces salad mix
whole grain bread, I like Bread Alone 

Preheat the oven to 350 and put the chicken in a baking dish.  Rub with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Roast until cooked through about 35 minutes.  Cool.   Remove and discard the skin and shred the chicken.  Refrigerate until cold.

Place the chicken in a large bowl and mix the mayo in gently with a fork.  Stir in the tarragon, celery, and green grapes.   Make sandwiches with the bread and the lettuces.

"Can I have some?"


  1. Honestly, I'd eat either version :-)

  2. Awwwe! You are such a good Momma! They both look yummy!

  3. Great idea. I have always loved chicken salad, especially stuffed in Pita Bread. Never thought of making some for the dogs. I know they would love it!

    Wyatt's mom

  4. We can never get enough of chicken salad. Yum! As a matter of fact we are starved after reading your post! Thank you for the delicious recipe.
    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  5. We are totally jealous!! Those so yummy!

  6. I can't have chicken, but mom gives me blueberries and they are yummy! The pugs pictures are super cute today!

  7. LOL, is it bad that the doggy chicken salad looked just delicious to me? I'm going to make some...hopefully the dogs will share it with me ;0)

  8. gosh- I have never had chicken salad--- and now I ask,,,
    why not? I want some too. I want some right now!

  9. Frankly they both look yummy. I just love Chicken Salad!