Friday, September 2, 2011

Simple Project: Easy Knitted Catnip Bear

This blog has been pretty focused on my dogs, but I have 3 wonderful cats too (Baby, Scooter, and Ernie)  and lately I've been wanting to make something special for them.  Obviously cats love yarn 

and since as I mentioned in yesterdays post I have been trying to learn to knit, I thought it would be fun to knit the cats something.

I decided to make the easy to knit teddy bear from Archie and Melissa's wonderful blog Art is Life.   Here are her directions for making the teddy bear: link.

Making this bear was my first time knitting with double pointed needles, and it was a little scary at first.  This you tube tutorial helped me quite a bit 

To make my bear more kitty friendly when I was stuffing it with Poly Fiberfill 
I added three pinches of Cosmic Catnip.   (Two of my three cats, Ernie and Scooter, are catnip crazy, the third Baby seems unaffected by anything but fresh catnip.)

Here is my finished bear  in a few locales around our house (remember I am a beginner), Melissa's on pug notes are definitely a   more polished.

Anyway Scooter and Ernie definitely enjoyed the Teddy.

I will warn you that if you make this toy for your cat, they will destroy it very quickly so be prepared!

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  1. Thanx for stopping by.
    I love all your animals, what a great blog you have.

  2. I want a catnip bear! Maybe I could put liver treats inside...BOL


  3. Wyatt-I was going to make one with a squeeky for the dogs next. I ordered a bag of squeakers on

  4. Glad you said it's simple if we kitties can take it apart very quickly. Around here, that would mean unless Sam eats it first. :)

  5. Lovely teddy! I would love him and pet him and cuddle him too.....

    Love and licks, Winnie

  6. Homemade toy for kitties, I love the idea!! I should learn to knit :-)

  7. Hello! I am here from the Hop, and so glad I came upon your blog. I LOVE your pictures, and all of your animals are adorable. Your blog header made me laugh so much when the page loaded! Glad the kitties enjoyed their toy, I am impressed as I can't knit or sew at all, I'm the worst.

    Great to meet you! :)

  8. You did a great job! Knitting and crocheting were 2 things I was never able to pick up. Some mental block so I am in awe of people who are mastering it.

  9. Sookie and Darcy would go mad for this, good to see that Ernie and Scooter appreciated your efforts! =^..^=

  10. oh your teddy turned our perfect!
    i just love it and i am so glad your beautiful kitties enjoy it too!

    melissa & archie