Friday, September 2, 2011

Simple Projects-Easy Infinity Scarf..and Shutterfly Book Promotion from Pet Bloggers United

Over the last few months, I (urban hounds mom) have been attempting to learn how to knit, and with mixed results.   I first started learning in February and I took a few classes at the now defunct Stockinette cafe in Jersey City.  The classes helped some, but much more helpful where the youtube videos I watched.   I also found the book The Chicks With Sticks Guide to Knitting very helpful, it was definitely the best of the learn to knit books I looked at and is truly tailored for the beginner (i.e. someone like myself who had never before held knitting needles).  It has a lot of really pretty projects in it too, things people would actually like to wear. 

 Reasoning that I cant be the only person who wants to learn to knit, and that if a pattern is simple enough for me to follow then anyone can follow it, I have decided to post some of the projects I have made on here.  My ultimate goal is to be able to make dog sweaters, and a sweater for myself as well, but that may be a year or so off.   I have definite sweater fear.

One of the first things I knitted somewhat successfully was a simple infinity scarf, or cowl.  Here is the picture:

It is very quick to make, and basically impossible to screw up, as its basically just a tube of knitting.   I definitely made a few mistakes along the way, but you can't really notice when its on.  Definitely a great beginner project:


I didn't use a specific pattern for this.   Instead I looked at a bunch of patterns online and came up with this:

  • Make a slip knot (slip knot tutorial) Note: I usually always make a longer tail then 12 inches, more like 20)
  • Cast on 80 stitches, if this doesn't seem like enough stitches add 10 or twenty more (cast on tutorial) Note: I was scared of circular needles at first but you cast on the same as you would with straight needles, just hold one side circular needle as if it was a straight needle and let the needle on the other end dangle out of the way)
  • Position the stitches evenly around the circular needles, making sure that its not twisted, you should be able to trace your finger around the circular needles on your stitches like a train car on a railroad track.
  • Join in the round (tutorial)
  • Place a stitch marker like she does in the video
  • The pattern I used was knit one (K1), Purl 1 (P1) all the way around.  You could also do all knit stitches.  
  • Knit Stitch Tutorial
  • Purl Stitch Tutorial
  • Once your work measures about 12 inches you are ready to bind off. Bind Off Tutorial. 
You've got an infinity scarf/ cowl!  Wear it with pride.

On another note we were looking at the PBU Pet Bloggers United Site


and we saw that Oscar had posted about this awesome promotion  from Shutterfly.  If you have a blog you have a chance to win a free photo book, we made one of Bob when he was a puppy.  We also use shutterfly every year to make our Holiday Cards.  Here is last years:


  1. I tried teaching myself knitting and crocheting at the same time. I wanted to make some of the cool doll's clothes and toys for my nephews and nieces that I kept finding. I have stuck with crocheting, but other than a few dishclothes I don't do too much knitting. While I can pull out my mistakes in crocheting and recover, I end up pulling out the entire piece when I knit and that is just not practical.

    I found the kids books were the best teachers. The pictures just seemed to work for me. I also borrowed some of the DVD's from the library. I like the comfort of my couch and the remote with the pause key. I am not as comfortable with my computer and the online videos although I know they are the rage. I also am finding if you keep searching you can find someone who will show it to you in a way you can understand. I finally found a book that showed me how to do the crochet magic circle after I had given up. I was working on a afghan pattern from an old magazine and finally learned the correct way to change colors after trying several different methods and knowing I didn't have it right. You can see the difference, but until I read the one that made sense to my brain, I couldn't seem to "get" it.

    I still post the knitting pattern links on my craft blog though as my Mom, Aunt, and niece are big knitters.

  2. I've tried crocheting too. I felt like there were some more things I could make with knitting. I really want to be able to make sweaters. Im definitely going to look more closely at your craft blog.