Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bee Badness

Pugs dressed as bees---cool 

Actual bees- not cool at all.

Today, we drove up to see my mom in upstate New York and brought Weasley and Norbert along for the 3 hour drive, we planned to have a  short lunchtime and then head back home.

 We hadn't been at my mom's house longer then five minutes when a wasp that had built a nest in the door stung little Weasley.  Almost immediately his muzzle started swelling up and I knew it was a bad sign.   Tubby had an allergic reaction to vaccines as a puppy and swelled up in the same fashion.

I was immediately in a panic because we had no benadryl with us, and because any dog related emergencies send me into panic.  We drove to the nearest store (half an hour away) and had to shove a Benadryl down Weasley's throat.  Thankfully, the swelling almost immediately started to go down.  To be safe we decided to bring Weasley to a local vet just to be sure.  A side trip that took an hour since we couldn't find any local vet clinics that where open on Saturdays.  Once at the hospital we were charged 75 dollars (a bargain by NYC standards) and the vet pronounced Weasley safe but declared that he is indeed allergic to bees and was saved by the Benadryl we gave him.  She cautioned us to never go anywhere without Benadryl in the future.  She then pinched Weasley's puppy fat and declared him--overweight!  How could a five month old puppy be overweight!

Who are you calling fat! I'm cobby!
We then immediately turned around and drove back to Jersey City (a trip that took two hours longer then normal due to several accident induced traffic jams).   I, who regularly complain that I hate the city and want to move to the country, have never been so happy to see the urban of Duane Reade drug stores on every corner with ample supplies of Benadryl, neighborhood vets with Saturday hours, and numerous 24 hour Animal Medical Centers.   Home sweet home.   We will now travel with Benadryl on  us at all times and I strongly recommend our Blogville friends do the same.


  1. That's a great idea. We are sure glad you were able to get your hands on a Benedryl ASAP. We're heading upstate in September and will remember to pack some now. Hope tomorrow is less eventful!

  2. When is a puppy ever fat? Weasley...yousa just cuddlicious and that vet lady that called you fat is a meanie weanie.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  3. kid tell them its muscle
    Benny & Lily

  4. Weasley, We are so glad you family acted so promptly and got you some benedryl,. and also took you to the vet.
    That is very scary for a puggy to get stung by nasty bees!
    It must have hurt so bad to have that bee stinger in you!
    You don't look fat to me Weasley- just plain cute.
    We will make sure we have benedrysl all the time.

  5. Eek, scary! It was lucky you were able to get to a store with Benedryl. Poor puppy :(

  6. So glad he's feeling better! And he's not fat, he's fluffy :)

  7. That was quite a day out! Glad you found some Benedryl, I don't know if we get that over here but Elliot is always chasing flying insects so it would be prudent to look.
    Glad everything was okay.
    Lynne x

    1. Any antihistamine will work so you can just get what ever tablets they have in the UK 25 mg is the correct dose for small dogs

      urban hounds

  8. That was scary and also you give great advice. I am glad it all turned out ok. He's not fat!!!

    Loveys Sasha

  9. We hope Weasley is OK today. Nasty wasp......! Have a lovely Sunday. Pop by and say hello and meet a new friend.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. OMD, that is scary! So glad you were able to get the Benedryl in time! Hope Weasley is better today!

  11. Toby hears the fat word too and while we were on vacation our daughter the vet tech (who is in all other ways wonderful to Tobes) put him on a DIET!! Well! Puppies and babies all develop differently and I don't believe in puppies being fat...
    Toby got his revenge by getting 2 suppers tonight - 1 while I showered and 1 while Ted showered... neither one knew the other fed him...

  12. Thank goodness for the Benedryl! That is really good to know, if I am ever unfortunately in the same situation I will know what to do

  13. How scary for you guys! We take Benadryl with us everywhere, both for mom and for us. It's a good idea to take some Liquid Bandage with you, too, for any wounds that it's hard to stop the bleeding. Heck, we travel with a tackle box full of first aid supplies but then again, we are always doing something to need it.

  14. So scary! Glad that Wesley is ok! I'm going to put some Benadryl in the car first aid kit. Thanks for the heads up. Hey - I'm in Jersey. Do you ever go to the NYC Pug meetups at Animal Haven?

  15. Wow to be stung AND called chubby all in one day! What the heck! stella rose