Saturday, July 14, 2012

Warrior Poodles-Who Would Have Thought?

In honor Bastille Day I'm Reprinting a Post From Last July, a Fun History Lesson on France's most famous breed:

The urban hounds love a good natured battle, after all nothing beats wrestling with your friends.  The snow in particular seems to bring out Norbert and Bob's warrior sides (don't worry they were just playing, even during the last pic, which admittedly looks pretty scary):

Maybe its just to hot too wrestle in the summer time.  

Anyway today marks a big day in battle doggie history.   When we see the poodle:

Most of us think of glamour, hair cuts, dog shows, and companionship.  Those who are more educated about how intelligent, athletic, and active these dogs are think of rally-0, agility, hunting, and therapy dog work:

(links for images  therapy poodle link, agility poodle link, hunting poodle link,  rally o poodle link)

But when we think of poodles--we don't usually think of battles or war.   Well, we are wrong.   It turns out that one of the most famous warrior dogs of all time was a poodle.,_after_Matham.jpg/300px-Wenceslas_Hollar_-_A_poodle,_after_Matham.jpg
link to picture

Today, July 2, marks the anniversary of the Battle of Marston Moore.  This battle was fought during the first English civil war in 1644.  During the battle Boye, a hunting poodle, owned by Prince Rupert of the Rhine lost his life.

During his life Boye was a very famous, and very feared, canine.   He accompanied Rupert into battles and there was a great deal of negative propaganda about Boye put out by the Parliamentarians, the group that opposed Prince Rupert and the other Royalists.    Among the rumors circulated about Boye where charges that he was a witches familiar, could turn invisible and thus spy on the Prince's enemies, was a shape shifter, and even that he was the Devil himself.   The Royalists however loved Boye and adopted him as their official mascot even giving him the honorary rank of Sergeant-Major-General.
 link for image

Sadly during the Battle of Marston Moore Boye escaped the Royalist camp and chased after Prince Rupert into battle.  The battle went badly for the Royalists and Boye was one of many soldiers who lost their lives. all accounts Prince Rupert was devastated by the death of his dog.   Perhaps Boye was a magic charm for the Royalists because after his death they were defeated by Parliament and from 1649-1660 England was a republic.   Prince Rupert survived the war and was employed by the King of France to fight the Spanish during the thirty years war.
After the death of Parliamentary leader Oliver Cromwell in 1658 England fell into disarray.   Prince Rupert returned to England to fight for King Charles IIThis time, even without the help of a magic poodle, the Royalists where successful and the monarchy was restored in 1660.  Prince Rupert died of natural causes in 1682 at the age of 63.


  1. What an interesting story! I had never heard of Boye before.

    I had (I think) heard of people training poodles in Schutzhund, so I guess I'm not surprised to hear of the historic Warrior Poodle.

  2. What a cool and intewesting stowy
    I was sad when I wead that Boye died in battle, but what a bwave hewo

    I aways knew that Poodles wewe vewy smawt and bwave, even when they lok fancy shmancy

    I enjoyed youw snow westling pictoowes too
    smoochie kisses

  3. I love your history posts! Very fascinating. It doesn't surprise me because we've had poodles in the extended family and know them to be incredibly smart.

  4. What an interesting story! I feel sad Boye lost his life in the battle. But I like to think Boye from heaven helped Prince Rupert fight successfully in 1660.

  5. BEAUTIFUL POST.. keep going :-) Loved to read this... X X X

  6. We liked this post, interesting
    Benny & Lily

  7. This was very interesting.
    I like to watch poodles because they are brave!