Saturday, July 21, 2012

City Critters-Weasley Explores Nelson A. Rockefeller Park

Last Saturday mom and dad woke up early and took me into the Big Apple, Manhattan.  They said we wore going to explore the area by mom's job (she works in a small special education program housed at Stuyvesant High School).

I was really good on the train and hardly barked at all, even though my stroller was zipped shut.  Mom said I was so much better then Tubby who howls like a banshee and thus can't take mass transit.  When we got of the train mom and dad took me to a little dog run on Warren Street.  I had a great time playing with a super friendly Golden Retriever.

 After I played for a while mom and dad decided to head over to a bagel shop, Zucker's. 

I waited outside patiently with mom and we met this cute English Bulldog who was waiting for  his mom.

I'm not sure how crazy I am about Zucker's the menu was bizarelly devoid of liver (my favorite) and the wait was so long that the first bulldog left and a nw bulldog come and waited before dad  came out with the bagels and coffee.  (I did get a taste of cream cheese though and it was pretty excellent, plus mom and dad say the bagels are good.)


 As we walked down to the park we passed this hanging covering some street construction.   It is a little hard to see due to mom's poor photography skills which she blamed on traffic, but its a pug!  How auspicious. 

 The first park we went to is called the Nelson A. Rockefeller Park .  It has a section called Penny Park which is filled with sculptures by the artist Tom Otterness.   I game them a full inspection.

First I checked out a giant foot.

 Then I explored some smaller sculptures on the ground.

I'm not sure how I felt about this last one, it looked like some tiny little guys were torturing some kind of animal!
The sculpture by the water fountain was much more my speed!

I found a cat sculpture too, I have to tell Baby, Scooter, and Ernie about it.

After we checked out the sculptures we went through the flower garden which leads down to the Hudson River Walkway.

 From the river walk way you can see New Jersey, but I couldn't see my house or Tubby, Norbert, Ping, and Bob.
On the way back to the train mom and dad bought me by the dog run again.
I played with a sweet little dog named Twiglight, her owner said she was a mix of Australian Shepherd and Dingo!, how exotic.  We got along great, it was like a meeting of the  Potter and Twilight movie franchises.

I was so tired after my adventure I napped almost all day.


  1. I saw all the pretty sculpture pictures but what stuck in my mind was the Potter and Twilight movie franchise merger.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. We loved the statue pix and particularly Big Foot. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Loved traveling with you! And now I'm craving bagels bigtime ;-)

  4. Hey Urban Hounds, Jet here.

    Thanks for taking us on your adventure... your humans really know how to travel with you guys. Cream cheese? YUMMY... loved all your pics, especially near the water fountain and on the giant paw. :)

  5. That looks like it was a glorius adventure. I realy liked the last sculpture too. And your new friends.

    See ya again doon

  6. Awwww Weasley! Sounds like you had a terrific day!
    I love the photos of you playing with big Golden Retriever :-)

  7. That first picture with the Golden Retriever is great....the Golden looks like he's laughing!

    Your day was a pretty great one, it seems.

  8. You can tell little Weasley has had his picture taken since birth...he's such an adorable supermodel. Love your pretty!

  9. What a nice adventure for Weasley!

  10. Hi Weasley
    You made some very good friends on your adventure- didn't you? I think it would be so fun to play with that Golden!
    I also loved all the photos of you with all those sculptures! That foot was mighty big.
    You are so cute, and your little face makes us smile.

  11. I love dog so much and i like your posts too. A dog in your post that is one of my favorite dog and sculptures is also really awesome.

    I really enjoyed this too much!!!
    - Wedding Photographers in NJ

  12. Wow you had a big adventure riding on the train, playing at the park, meeting new friends..the sculptures were beautiful...iliked the cat ones alot!! What fun!

  13. Wow! What a great adventure in the big city Weasley! You look awesome on that giant foot! :)

    I'm just playing a bit of catch up while on holidays. :)